Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ALMOST OUT OF TIME!!!! (May 25th)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL MOTHER WHO I LOVE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's over due, but I hope you can accept it anyway. Love you mum. You're the best. :) 

This week was amazing and filled with many fun adventures. We had ANOTHER guy come up to us and ask us if we could teach him. He even walked to the chapel and then we were able to teach him. His name is Victor... we'll let you know what happens with him.

Our recent convert was confirmed a member on Sunday. That was such a blessing as he asked me to confirm him. Nothing beats being a tool for Heavenly Father to further His work! Haedyne is happy, excited, and ready to baptize his younger brother THIS WEEKEND WOO!!!!!!

We also had an interesting story tracting... we were doing some early morning door knocking before lunch, and this cat came following us along. He looked like a ball of charcoal with embers scattered over his coat. He followed us with each step we took and each snap of our fingers. Eventually, he led US to a family. He bolted inside when the door opened, and this nice as Chinese lady invited us in. We talked to her and her husband and they were SO excited for the Book of Mormon, baptism, and for us to come back and teach them.

Even cats... can lead to miracles ;)

Last p-day was Zone P-day and it was legit! One sister smashed a whole sleeve of Ten Tim Tams in like... 2 minutes. Mind you... she was doing tim tam slams the whole time as well!

Our district had a BBQ and that was fun so I'll attach photos.

Love you all! Sorry this was short. I'm still bad at managing my time.

-Elder Sargeant

P.S- for the first time in my life... I smashed a whole 2 liter container of ice cream in a week. Never... again. Australian ice cream is CREAMY AS AND DELICIOUS!!!!!! I'd say... somewhat better than ours.

The photo of the BBQ is Elder Hedin (left), Elder Campbell (mid) and Elder Newell (Right) pretending to be "one with nature." Crack up Elders... :D

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