Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week of trials brings miracles (Sept 28)

G'day all!

This past week was hectic, full of interesting and fun experiences and totally worth it at the end of the day.
We were able to go out and help some Elders up north in Launceston with their area.
Exchanges are fun as!! I was with Elder Chen, who is from China. He is so humble and loves to share the "happiness of God" with everyone he sees. What a great example.

We had some hard days with not much success, but towards the end we were able to see miracles.
We had 7 people at church on sunday, dropped our mobile in a sewage drain, helped someone move their blown away trampoline back into their yard (she and her daughter came to church and said "This is the one I've been looking for")

It was a fulfilling week of fun adventures. WE SAW A WHALE off the shore on our way down to Hobart, our area, from launie. It was awesome.
Transfers come up next week. Stay tuned for them!

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Keep Daniel and Sam Fellowes in your prayers as they continue to work hard and be examples to their family + Friends.

All is well
Elder Sargeant

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sorry About Last Week! (Sept 21)

G'day all! Please forgive for last weeks craziness... (Gabe here--Elder Sargeant didn't get to send us a regular e-mail last week hence no post from last week!) we had a jam packed day that didn't stop.

We were able to go with a member of our ward to a place called Freycinet National Park. It was one of the most beautiful spots I've ever seen as a missionaries in Australia. Tassie has the best places to go visit I reckon.


However, this week was pretty good. It had a bit of ups and downs and that's okay.

To start, Ebbi and Jeff are doing well! They've been coming to church and are so fun. Last Sunday, Ebbi dropped a SpongeBob Square Pants quote in the place and it was hilarious. Never heard one in Gospel Principles.

She has committed to give up coffee and smoking on 2nd October so PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR PRAYERS!! We know she can and it's been amazing seeing the Lord bless her and work with her in her attempts to follow Him. Jeff is always a boss. Quiet dignity. That's the one. They're awesome.

We've been helping our recent convert Daniel also who has been struggling as of late. He's found some solace in his indexing! INDEXING IS LEGIT!! Family history is awesome, and he is doing so well with it.

Our new investigator named Ryan came to church, loved it, and then had a scary moment with us! He was visiting with missionaries from another church and they were tearing down everything we'd been teaching him, telling him that he shouldn't have us back. He told us and so we called him. I was able to have him see that we just wanted to help him grow his faith and we'd love to come and visit him. He agreed.

What happened next was nothing short of the Power of Heavenly Father and the Spirit.

We went by at 2:00pm on Wednesday. We showed up and decided to just listen to him and let him know that we were there for him and him only. We read a bit out of the Book of Mormon about the Spirit and how to recognize it, and then we decided to watch the Restoration video.

At the time where Joseph prays and has his experience in the grove, Ryan had tears in his eyes, and a feeling burning in his bosom. Sean, another recent convert, was there as well and Ryan committed to come to church and continue learning from us. He is the man. I LOVED seeing him feel the spirit and knowing that he was indeed on the right track. It was a testimony builder to me for sure.

It was a great week. Many growing experiences, and HEAPS of feeds from members. Spring time is coming! WOO!!!!!

Sorry again about last week. Won't happen, intentionally, again!

I'd love to invite those that read this to try something: if you've been struggling in your prayers, or haven't ever prayed... give it a go. You can ask any question, any thought that comes to your mind and find peace and comfort and answers. Try praying out loud and I promise you that God will answer your cry. You will be heard, and you'll find a renewed sense of belonging and new sense of purpose. Then, act on the feelings and thoughts you get!

Love you all! 

-Elder Sargeant

Sunday, September 7, 2014

NO TIME!!! (Sept 7)

G'day all this will be short... please forgive me!
We had a miraculous week filled with hard work and lots of fruit for it. We've really been hitting the ground and just finding finding and more finding. It has brought forth MIRACLES. I love GQing people, or just randomly talking to them on the street. We found a guy named Ryan who is excited about the Restoration and accepted an invitation to be baptised :)
The wonderful Ebbi has finally decided to be baptised :) She asked me to do it as well which was humbling and touching to say the least. EBBI WHEN YOU READ THIS KNOW THAT YOU'RE AWESOME!
Jeff got the Aaronic Priesthood!! He's gonna be a  bishop one day.
this is lame... sorry!

Random plane

Outside our chapel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Gday gday folks! You're tuning in to Mormon Missionary Monday with Elder Sargeant down here in Glenorchy, Tasmania! We've got an exciting line up for today's news article so lets jump straight into it:
Monday: P-DAY! We spent most of the day just going around doing service for some members. We also taught about 3 lessons and it was the best P-day I've had on my mission thus far. We worked, served, and accomplished all we needed. Mondays can be the BEST days if you make em.
Tuesday: We had a pretty funny experience where my companion got pooped on while talking to people around the bus station! HA. Apparently it's good luck.
I had a cool experience where I was talking to a few people and I just got this overwhelming feeling of how blessed and lucky I am to know about God and His true nature. I spoke to probably 5-7 people who just had no idea who they really were and what blessings were in store for them. It was a true testimony builder of the reality of Heavenly Father, and how Prayer is crucial to our knowing that!
The rest of the week was spent preparing for our travels to Melbourne for a Mission Leadership Council! That was a blast because Elder Cavanaugh and I got to spend some time in the city GQing and riding the trains around. We referred a few people to some of the missionaries, AND I GOT TO SEE MY SON ELDER NEWELL! I missed that guy and he's smashing it. He hath brought forth fruit meet for MISSIONARY SMASHING! >:) He is training and is loving it.
This past weekend we struggled with our effective plans and people fell through but we had some really good experiences and are ready for LOCK DOWN SEPTEMBER! Time to tighten up the loose nuts and put our shoulders to the wheel. It's gonna be a bumpy and miracle filled ride! >:)
I LOVE THIS WORK! I'm excited as for the next few months. Nothing beats it. Photos will follow. Love you all heaps.
Just remember, when ever you feel hard feelings towards someone, do something nice for them. You'll be filled with a joy and feeling like no other.
JEFF GOT CONFIRMED AND IT WAS SUCH A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE! He was blessed with so much. He's going to be such a great man. He is already.
Thanks for tuning in!
-Elder Sargeant