Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Missionary Life-It's Legit as Mate! (Nov 24)

G'day mates! Kiaora!

Well this past week has been pretty legit I would say. Let's get right into business!

My new companion Elder Judd is simply... THE MAN. He has taught me so much since we've been together and he's such a blessing to me. He's from Las Vegas, is funny, has a dry sense of humour, and a VERY different personality to me. He's laid back which makes it so we can get on quite well. My favourite characteristic he has.., HE WORKS HARD.
This week we were able to catch up with Thelma, our Irish investigator of 74 years of age who went on Holiday for two and a half weeks. I have to admit, I was humbled by our visit with her. We called in and had a good chat about her experiences. Since she has beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease she tells a lot of the same stories. She'll be right though because she's an awesome lady. Anyway, we started talking about what happens after we die because she's convinced that she is going to die soon (she isn't going anywhere! :D) We read out of the Book of Mormon with her Alma 11:42-45. SHe LOVED IT!!!

I had a feeling to ask her if she felt the Book of Mormon to be True. She exclaimed "I KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE! IT HAS TO BE!"

My heart just burst with joy as I heard those words. She has accepted a baptismal date of the 14th of December but we may have to push it back.

I was humbled because sadly... I doubted that she would read while away. She said she has been and it has brought so much light into her heart and mind. Despite her disease... the Spirit and the Book of Mormon have helped her gain more faith.


Anyway, we were also able to do some fun stuff together. We took the bus from Echuca to Wangaratta because we are out of K's in our car. It was my first experience taking a bus anywhere for public transport sadly, so I was keen. Since we are out of K's for our car for the month we ARE ON PUSH BIKES!! THAT'S THE ONLY WAY TO GO!

Not only do we get heaps of exercise, which I love personally, but we get to talk to heaps of people as well. It makes the big difference in an area when people can see Missionaries out and about in town.

We've seen some good miracles come from it as well, despite me having three popped tires.... (there was a rip in the seam of the tread that pinched the inner tube and burst it).

Oh! We were blessed with the opportunity to go on Echuca's most famous attraction: OLD AS PADDLE STEAMERS!These are ships that take people up and down the Murray river, which is located right through the middle of town, and is the main tourist attraction of Echuca.

Our Branch President, President Richardson AKA President Rob Dawg from New Zealand has two mates we are hoping to start teaching soon. Anyway, we were invited over for tea on Tuesday and family game night with the Richardson family and Paul and Dion, their mates. They are COOL AS! They are some of the most humble, normal, and fun people we've ever met here in Echuca and they ask heaps of questions about us and the church. Anyway, Saturday we got a phone call from President Richardson asking if we were free at 3:15. It just so happened that we were and he told us that Pauline had got us tickets to go on the paddle steamers. What a charitable lady she is! We went, and had a BLAST seeing the river and meeting heaps of people from all over the place; People were from Wales, Holland, Sydney, and other places as well. We got to talk to heaps of them and leave some pass along cards as well.

The work is moving forward and I just have to throw this in... I LOVE MY FAMILY!!
1) Mum and Dan. You two are such amazing examples to me. I am so proud and happy for you two and getting sealed together for ever :) Wish I could have been there... NOW IT'S TIME TO SPOIL GABESTER AND MARK MUAHAH!!!

2) GABESTER! Mate... Gabesta... you munta. I love you heaps! I am happy as to see your wedding photos and hear about your build up to the wedding. I love your little emails, your fun stories, and the adventures you go on. You're the best sister I could ever have.

3) HEATH: I have honestly been quite astounded by how much I want to become like you. Your qualities, life, talents, and ambitions are all ones that are righteous and good. It makes me aspire to become like you, my own man, but following the same pattern and life you have. LOVE YOU HEAPS AND I HOPE SCHOOL IS GOING WELL!

4) Emmaroo!! My wonderful Sister in Law! Gosh, I cannot imagine life without you. I never imagined that I'd have as cool of a Sister in Law as you are. Your quiet dignity is noticeable by all who see you, and your patience and genuine love is far reaching as well. I Love you heaps :)

5) GISHES!!!

Okay.. Hold up... Let's be honest.... I should just get a name tag that says "Sargeant-Gish"
You are amazing people. Chase. I am so proud of you and all you've become. I have to say I'm gonna be sad as to see you leave but keen for the experiences and growth you'll have on a Mission. You've become such a wonderful example to me and I am proud as of you mate. Love you heaps.

Poppa and Mama Gish: You have no idea how amazing you are. Your example to me is unable to be described. All in all... I some it up with 1 word: Love. That's all you give and all I feel from you. Thank you so much!

GAGE! Little buddy you're a stud muffin mate. I cannot wait to see you again and wrestle with you and see your drawings. I reckon you'll be heaps taller by the time I get back too aye. Gosh... how time flies.

Last one: Momma Rose!!! Thank you for your note to me. I often think of you and your family and all the wonderful things you've done for me. Thank you for your love and prayers and I hope you and your family are happy, healthy, and blessed for all you do.

That's all mates! Until next week.... AND IT'S A MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! :)
Turoo! Kakite!
Aroha Nui!

With Love,
Elder Sargeant

A box of Lucky Charms that my Mission President and his wife got me!!!! :D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

"The Church is Fair Dinkum" (Nov 17th)

G'day all!!

"The Church is Fair Dinkum." Fair Dinkum!

That was a quote my last companion Elder Pearce told me. We had some good laughs about that one. :) Anyway this past week was a bit hectic, chaotic, and wonderful all at the same time!

To start, we've seen some awesome miracles through... interesting means. I'll explain:

My old companion Elder Pearce loved to try new ways to find people. I found this refreshing and HILARIOUS as we would come up with any idea possible. Some were washing people's windows in P-day clothes, going up and singing hymns with a Ukulele to people, or my last and personal favourite... RIGHTEOUS STALKING!!!

That's right! We were stalkers for a day! But not in a creepy way.... Well I sounds bad but it's ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD AND HIS WORK!!!!

So we were on our way to an appointment and Elder Pearce was like "aye, Elder Sargeant... what do you say we follow this person to their house?" I looked out the window as we drove past this aboriginal girl. We reckoned she was an islander but she was not. I thought to myself, well... never done it before so might as well give it a go!

I agreed and we pulled over and pretended to make calls on our phone. She passed us without even looking our way and we waited until we couldn't see her. We pulled out and followed her and discovered that she walked into a home with heaps of cars in the carpark.

We told ourselves we'd go knock it the next day and see what happens....

The next day came and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?!?! A aboriginal man named John answered the door and was nice as to us. He told us that he had see missionaries before and that we could come around when his wife was home so we could talk. The next day we went in, talked to them, and immediately they wanted to come to church with us!! MIRACLES HAPPEN. Heavenly Father wants us to try different things to find success... even if it's HARMLESS and RIGHTEOUS Stalking :)

I love it.

Anyway, My companion Elder Pearce unfortunately had to go home.... he had some things to take care of in the family and such so we had to E.T him. It was SO SAD!!! Of my three companions he has definitely been my favourite. We got on so well and I learned a lot from him.
We spent a night and a morning with our Mission President and that was such an awesome experience. They are the nicest people in the world and I love being able to build a relationship with them. They made us the best tea ever consisting of some type of salad that only my mum would know, pork chops, baked potatoes, steamed veggies, and to top it off pumpkin cake with a cream cheese frosting. I usually deny desserts ( or try) but this time I could not.

Anyway, President and I had some good chats together and when we got to the airport Elder Pearce had a hard time getting on the plane. He teared up as we hugged each other to temporarily depart. He will be back in a years time, but it was sad as... even President/Sister Maxwell teared up. The love was so strong.

We had nicknames! "Sarge" and "Make-Peace" Good times...

My new companion is legit as though. He's from Las Vegas, Nevada and has HEAPS of talents. He DJed back home, is a star tennis player, makes his own music, is smart as, and knows a lot about the Gospel and teaches extremely well. He's such a blessing in my life! I want to develop some of the skills he has and no more perfect opportunity than now.

Well, that is about it for the week. Love you all heaps and hope all is well back home.


Elder Sargeant

Elder Pearce and I flexing

Elder Pearce and I 

Our Branch President and the young men did some service for us in our backyard and wrapped our furniture and then froze all our cutlery.... cheeky devils

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Precious Time (Nov 11)

G'day all!

Well, this week was amazing and there were many experience that made my testimony grow heaps!

We had 6 people at church on Sunday and that was a miracle in itself! One family, Melissa and her young kids Emily (11) and "Maka" or Mikayla (8) were welcomed warmly and the spirit was so strong.

I love this work.

I'm going to have to make this short because time is almost out. I apologize for my lack of time management, but I feel as though other emails were more important at this particular time.

Time has always been something that we have no control over. And that time is precious. I was informed today that my brother, Nick Nadeau, was killed a few days ago when we was coming home to see his family from BYU-I.
Time is precious, but knowledge is peace. I love knowing that there is a Loving Father in Heaven who is watching over him right now. I know he is in a better place, and I cannot help but feel sad for the loss of him. I loved him. He raised me in some aspects, and I know that one day I will see him. The plan of Salvation is real, and my prayers are pouring out to Sister Nadeau, Dan, Tommy, and Paul. Stay Strong, Stay True, and Smile. There is hope for a better life to come.

I cannot say I haven't shed a few tears over this, nor can I say that the sting of death is not hard. However, I know that it is swallowed up in Christ. "And it shall come to pass that those that die in me shall not taste of death, for it shall be sweet unto them;"

God be with you Til we meet again my wonderful brother. I Love you heaps.

But, Life will go on. I'm so grateful for the Gospel and the truthfulness of it. :) I Love my family, I love My Savior, and I love the peace that comes from it.
I hope this isn't too sad, but next weeks will be better! Be safe! Make smart choices, but remember that there is a time and a season to everything that happens. :)

Love you all heaps!!!!!

-Elder Sargeant!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"I'm the Black Jesus" (Nov 3)

G'day g'day!

This week has been quite an interesting time for me as a missionary. I have to say that since I've been out I've really seen the other side of life. People here in Echuca come in all forms, colors, shapes, sizes, and types... and that is the same everywhere, but here seems to be an exception to my little home town in New Hampshire.

I'll explain this, and the title of my post now.

We were given a referral from a lady we have been striving to teach! She told us about her mum, and it turns out that she is a less active lady who was baptized a few years ago. We went to visit the referal but without any luck. It was a hot as day out, about 30 Celsius and 86 F, but we decided to knock a few doors nearby. We met a lovely blind man, a couple of blokes rooming together, and finally... "The Black Jesus."

This man is an Aboriginal man that we said hi to while walking towards his home! His sister was outside and went in to get him and his nephews. He walked out drunk off his face and yelling at us... and yet personally I felt some sympathy for the man. He stands about 5'6, short buzzd black hair with a M shaped hairline. He is missing heaps of teeth, and usually wears shorts, jandles (thongs or flip flops), and a blue singlet (uhh... wife beater). He told us that he is worse than the devil and is the Black Jesus. After some simple smiling and talking, he grabbed our hands and asked for us to say a prayer to him. So, we offered a prayer, and miraculously he calmed down and said for us to come inside.

We walked into the living room which consisted of some worn blue couches that circled the area, and then one recliner chair. I'm assuming that was his chair because next to it was a bottle of grog that he had no problem downing before we continued our chat about God. Then, simply, he told us to sit down and tell us about what he believe.

He confessed that he had murdered 3 men, has been a chronic alcoholic for years, and is close to "sleeping for good." However, despite these things, along with heaps of foul language and other such crudeness... I felt a profound love for the man. We chatted about his brother who had recently died, and through tears he told us of his fear for death. We consoled him as best we could by simply telling him that there is no need to fear death, there is peace after this life when we turn towards God.

He told us he loved our words, the scriptures we shared, and the "warmth" he felt in his heart. We tried explaining to him about these things and what they mean for him... but he had been drinking non stop for about four hours. However, he told us to keep coming back to see him and each time has brought that same sense of love and spirit.

I Love being a missionary! I love helping other people, even when they exclaim they are worse than the devil and are "the black Jesus." I Love how Heavenly Father allows His love to come through us for others when ours in insufficient. It makes the hard days worth it when you feel you can be a vessel for the Lord and His love and message.

To add to the fun, we were able to bring a boy named Kyle to church yesterday! He is 15 and was... well.... fact baptized about four months ago by previous Elders.


Anyway, we ran into him at the park with his mum and family and he wants to become a Mormon. He loved Young Mens class and he is seriously the funniest kid I've ever met! He has a dry sense of humor so he never cracks a smile when he says crackup things, but he basically has a punchline for everything that anyone says. He is more simple than other kids, or rather he has some learning disabilities, but HE IS THE MAN!!! I reckon that despite his past experience he is completely capable of turning around and embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mum, I also have to say... I'm sorry I never helped clean the house. In the two areas that I've been in thus far, I've spent heaps of time CLEANING out old flats and closing/opening new ones. Tassie was this way, and Echuca is the same. We were asked by the Mission Office to assist the Senior Couple Elder and Sister Curtis to close down a flat in Echuca that was for the old Senior Couple.

We spent about six hours total helping out last week doing yard work, weeding, moving furniture, and finally... scrubbing walls. The labour is much more redundant than I had ever anticipated but I learned a few new cleaning tricks and a life lessons. Cleanliness is of God, and Mum.... I don't know how you did it back home. In all seriousness after about 1 wall I was bored out of my mind!! However, we had a job to do and people to impress so it was worth the pain.

So mum... I'm sorry I never let myself help you. I hope you can forgive me... and allow me time to help you with the New Rye Beach house! :D

After cleaning we were treated to a free dinner at our Branch Mission Leader's Pizza shop! It is GOOD AS! We are spoiled here aye... free meals, a place to go work out every morning at our Branch President's house, and cool as young men. Blessings!

I had a warm chicken Salad and a slice of Supreme Pizza. Everyone else got random stuff.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST..... I got a package!!! I ordered new 2013 compact genuine leather scriptures since my old ones are falling apart... and they are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Let the record show that never in my life, before my mission, have I been this excited about having new scriptures. Let me also tell you... scriptures are legit. Need I say more?

Anyway, things are looking very well here in Echuca. I was informed  to my great happiness and excitement that Dan Han, our chinese investigator in Tassie GOT BAPTIZED LAST MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah.... I Love the mission.

Anyway, that's about all I can really think of for this week! Hopefully all is well back home. For those that have been writing letters to me... I'm sorry for being slow as to write you back. I get really busy at night these days, and P days are hopeless. I still LOVE you HEAPS and appreciate your letters so much. You have no idea how much it means to open a letter and feel the love that comes from the words expressed.

Until next week.. turoo!

Love you all HEAPS!

Kakite Ano,

Elder Sargeant aka Elder Satini (Samoan for Sargeant)

Baptism of Eloise in Mooroopna!

Elder Munro (Kneeling), Elder Yim Tae- Cheung (Standing in back), Eloise, Elder Smith, Me kneeling in front, Elder Pearce next to Smith, and Elder Whitehead on the far right