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Missionary Life-It's Legit as Mate! (Nov 24)

G'day mates! Kiaora!

Well this past week has been pretty legit I would say. Let's get right into business!

My new companion Elder Judd is simply... THE MAN. He has taught me so much since we've been together and he's such a blessing to me. He's from Las Vegas, is funny, has a dry sense of humour, and a VERY different personality to me. He's laid back which makes it so we can get on quite well. My favourite characteristic he has.., HE WORKS HARD.
This week we were able to catch up with Thelma, our Irish investigator of 74 years of age who went on Holiday for two and a half weeks. I have to admit, I was humbled by our visit with her. We called in and had a good chat about her experiences. Since she has beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease she tells a lot of the same stories. She'll be right though because she's an awesome lady. Anyway, we started talking about what happens after we die because she's convinced that she is going to die soon (she isn't going anywhere! :D) We read out of the Book of Mormon with her Alma 11:42-45. SHe LOVED IT!!!

I had a feeling to ask her if she felt the Book of Mormon to be True. She exclaimed "I KNOW THAT IT'S TRUE! IT HAS TO BE!"

My heart just burst with joy as I heard those words. She has accepted a baptismal date of the 14th of December but we may have to push it back.

I was humbled because sadly... I doubted that she would read while away. She said she has been and it has brought so much light into her heart and mind. Despite her disease... the Spirit and the Book of Mormon have helped her gain more faith.


Anyway, we were also able to do some fun stuff together. We took the bus from Echuca to Wangaratta because we are out of K's in our car. It was my first experience taking a bus anywhere for public transport sadly, so I was keen. Since we are out of K's for our car for the month we ARE ON PUSH BIKES!! THAT'S THE ONLY WAY TO GO!

Not only do we get heaps of exercise, which I love personally, but we get to talk to heaps of people as well. It makes the big difference in an area when people can see Missionaries out and about in town.

We've seen some good miracles come from it as well, despite me having three popped tires.... (there was a rip in the seam of the tread that pinched the inner tube and burst it).

Oh! We were blessed with the opportunity to go on Echuca's most famous attraction: OLD AS PADDLE STEAMERS!These are ships that take people up and down the Murray river, which is located right through the middle of town, and is the main tourist attraction of Echuca.

Our Branch President, President Richardson AKA President Rob Dawg from New Zealand has two mates we are hoping to start teaching soon. Anyway, we were invited over for tea on Tuesday and family game night with the Richardson family and Paul and Dion, their mates. They are COOL AS! They are some of the most humble, normal, and fun people we've ever met here in Echuca and they ask heaps of questions about us and the church. Anyway, Saturday we got a phone call from President Richardson asking if we were free at 3:15. It just so happened that we were and he told us that Pauline had got us tickets to go on the paddle steamers. What a charitable lady she is! We went, and had a BLAST seeing the river and meeting heaps of people from all over the place; People were from Wales, Holland, Sydney, and other places as well. We got to talk to heaps of them and leave some pass along cards as well.

The work is moving forward and I just have to throw this in... I LOVE MY FAMILY!!
1) Mum and Dan. You two are such amazing examples to me. I am so proud and happy for you two and getting sealed together for ever :) Wish I could have been there... NOW IT'S TIME TO SPOIL GABESTER AND MARK MUAHAH!!!

2) GABESTER! Mate... Gabesta... you munta. I love you heaps! I am happy as to see your wedding photos and hear about your build up to the wedding. I love your little emails, your fun stories, and the adventures you go on. You're the best sister I could ever have.

3) HEATH: I have honestly been quite astounded by how much I want to become like you. Your qualities, life, talents, and ambitions are all ones that are righteous and good. It makes me aspire to become like you, my own man, but following the same pattern and life you have. LOVE YOU HEAPS AND I HOPE SCHOOL IS GOING WELL!

4) Emmaroo!! My wonderful Sister in Law! Gosh, I cannot imagine life without you. I never imagined that I'd have as cool of a Sister in Law as you are. Your quiet dignity is noticeable by all who see you, and your patience and genuine love is far reaching as well. I Love you heaps :)

5) GISHES!!!

Okay.. Hold up... Let's be honest.... I should just get a name tag that says "Sargeant-Gish"
You are amazing people. Chase. I am so proud of you and all you've become. I have to say I'm gonna be sad as to see you leave but keen for the experiences and growth you'll have on a Mission. You've become such a wonderful example to me and I am proud as of you mate. Love you heaps.

Poppa and Mama Gish: You have no idea how amazing you are. Your example to me is unable to be described. All in all... I some it up with 1 word: Love. That's all you give and all I feel from you. Thank you so much!

GAGE! Little buddy you're a stud muffin mate. I cannot wait to see you again and wrestle with you and see your drawings. I reckon you'll be heaps taller by the time I get back too aye. Gosh... how time flies.

Last one: Momma Rose!!! Thank you for your note to me. I often think of you and your family and all the wonderful things you've done for me. Thank you for your love and prayers and I hope you and your family are happy, healthy, and blessed for all you do.

That's all mates! Until next week.... AND IT'S A MONTH UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! :)
Turoo! Kakite!
Aroha Nui!

With Love,
Elder Sargeant

A box of Lucky Charms that my Mission President and his wife got me!!!! :D

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