Sunday, November 17, 2013

"The Church is Fair Dinkum" (Nov 17th)

G'day all!!

"The Church is Fair Dinkum." Fair Dinkum!

That was a quote my last companion Elder Pearce told me. We had some good laughs about that one. :) Anyway this past week was a bit hectic, chaotic, and wonderful all at the same time!

To start, we've seen some awesome miracles through... interesting means. I'll explain:

My old companion Elder Pearce loved to try new ways to find people. I found this refreshing and HILARIOUS as we would come up with any idea possible. Some were washing people's windows in P-day clothes, going up and singing hymns with a Ukulele to people, or my last and personal favourite... RIGHTEOUS STALKING!!!

That's right! We were stalkers for a day! But not in a creepy way.... Well I sounds bad but it's ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD AND HIS WORK!!!!

So we were on our way to an appointment and Elder Pearce was like "aye, Elder Sargeant... what do you say we follow this person to their house?" I looked out the window as we drove past this aboriginal girl. We reckoned she was an islander but she was not. I thought to myself, well... never done it before so might as well give it a go!

I agreed and we pulled over and pretended to make calls on our phone. She passed us without even looking our way and we waited until we couldn't see her. We pulled out and followed her and discovered that she walked into a home with heaps of cars in the carpark.

We told ourselves we'd go knock it the next day and see what happens....

The next day came and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?!?! A aboriginal man named John answered the door and was nice as to us. He told us that he had see missionaries before and that we could come around when his wife was home so we could talk. The next day we went in, talked to them, and immediately they wanted to come to church with us!! MIRACLES HAPPEN. Heavenly Father wants us to try different things to find success... even if it's HARMLESS and RIGHTEOUS Stalking :)

I love it.

Anyway, My companion Elder Pearce unfortunately had to go home.... he had some things to take care of in the family and such so we had to E.T him. It was SO SAD!!! Of my three companions he has definitely been my favourite. We got on so well and I learned a lot from him.
We spent a night and a morning with our Mission President and that was such an awesome experience. They are the nicest people in the world and I love being able to build a relationship with them. They made us the best tea ever consisting of some type of salad that only my mum would know, pork chops, baked potatoes, steamed veggies, and to top it off pumpkin cake with a cream cheese frosting. I usually deny desserts ( or try) but this time I could not.

Anyway, President and I had some good chats together and when we got to the airport Elder Pearce had a hard time getting on the plane. He teared up as we hugged each other to temporarily depart. He will be back in a years time, but it was sad as... even President/Sister Maxwell teared up. The love was so strong.

We had nicknames! "Sarge" and "Make-Peace" Good times...

My new companion is legit as though. He's from Las Vegas, Nevada and has HEAPS of talents. He DJed back home, is a star tennis player, makes his own music, is smart as, and knows a lot about the Gospel and teaches extremely well. He's such a blessing in my life! I want to develop some of the skills he has and no more perfect opportunity than now.

Well, that is about it for the week. Love you all heaps and hope all is well back home.


Elder Sargeant

Elder Pearce and I flexing

Elder Pearce and I 

Our Branch President and the young men did some service for us in our backyard and wrapped our furniture and then froze all our cutlery.... cheeky devils

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