Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Gday gday folks! You're tuning in to Mormon Missionary Monday with Elder Sargeant down here in Glenorchy, Tasmania! We've got an exciting line up for today's news article so lets jump straight into it:
Monday: P-DAY! We spent most of the day just going around doing service for some members. We also taught about 3 lessons and it was the best P-day I've had on my mission thus far. We worked, served, and accomplished all we needed. Mondays can be the BEST days if you make em.
Tuesday: We had a pretty funny experience where my companion got pooped on while talking to people around the bus station! HA. Apparently it's good luck.
I had a cool experience where I was talking to a few people and I just got this overwhelming feeling of how blessed and lucky I am to know about God and His true nature. I spoke to probably 5-7 people who just had no idea who they really were and what blessings were in store for them. It was a true testimony builder of the reality of Heavenly Father, and how Prayer is crucial to our knowing that!
The rest of the week was spent preparing for our travels to Melbourne for a Mission Leadership Council! That was a blast because Elder Cavanaugh and I got to spend some time in the city GQing and riding the trains around. We referred a few people to some of the missionaries, AND I GOT TO SEE MY SON ELDER NEWELL! I missed that guy and he's smashing it. He hath brought forth fruit meet for MISSIONARY SMASHING! >:) He is training and is loving it.
This past weekend we struggled with our effective plans and people fell through but we had some really good experiences and are ready for LOCK DOWN SEPTEMBER! Time to tighten up the loose nuts and put our shoulders to the wheel. It's gonna be a bumpy and miracle filled ride! >:)
I LOVE THIS WORK! I'm excited as for the next few months. Nothing beats it. Photos will follow. Love you all heaps.
Just remember, when ever you feel hard feelings towards someone, do something nice for them. You'll be filled with a joy and feeling like no other.
JEFF GOT CONFIRMED AND IT WAS SUCH A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE! He was blessed with so much. He's going to be such a great man. He is already.
Thanks for tuning in!
-Elder Sargeant

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