Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Morning Exercise Gone Crazy! (Aug 24)

G'day all! 

I'm getting this one out as soon as possible to let everyone know of the amazing adventures to be had in Tasmania. 

First off, Jeff's baptism went AMAZING. The Spirit was so strong and his testimony was stunning. I've loved seeing his transformation and his humble spirit to obey and do right. He has a simple and powerful testimony and he bore it with conviction after he was baptised. To add to the spirit of it all, my companion asked him while they were preparing to come back to the chapel after the baptism, "Jeff, how do you feel?" 

His response, as Aussie as they come: after a pause he said, "pretty damn good."

I thought it was crack up. He's a good bloke.

This week was pretty crazy. We traveled up and down Tassie to go on exchanges and see the Stake Presidents and that was always good. We stayed with a family called the Webbsters in Deloraine! They LOVE having us and we love going there. I feel like a son whenever we do. She makes us breakfast with Lemon maple syrup, SO DANG GOOD, fresh towels for showering, the most comfortable beds, and a bag of choc chip cookies for the road. What a wonderful lady she is. 

The miracle of this week was how much we need to work to see miracles. My companion and I were working all day on Saturday to try to accomplish our goals and make up for the days outside of the area. We were able to tract, tract... and tract some more. No such luck. We had the thought to go visit one potential we had contacted a week or so ago and his name is Jai. He is 16 and loves to read so we left him with a Book of Mormon. He read a little bit, but said his mum flicked through it as well. He invited us in and his mum came walking down the corridor in her pjs and said "WOAH WHAT THE HECK!?" But then saw who we were. She then said, "I actually have a question for you.... why are there so many churches?" 

That's the Golden question we love to hear! We chatted and they both want to learn more. We're seeing them next week. 

Such a small miracle, but such a boost it brought to our dragging day.

This morning however, was the funniest morning exercise I've had my entire mission. My companion and I went down to this nearby field and soon we were kicking our soccer ball around. However, there are some birds called a plover. They are VERY aggro and love to swoop. Our ball got a little too close, and next thing we know we're getting dive bombed by some crazy as birds! We sprinted for AGES before they flew back to their spot of ground near the ball. Finally, we tactfully moved away from the ball and picked it up. Then.... we turned around to see them flying at us in a pack. HOLY CRUD WE RAN SO FAST! It was so fun. My companion Elder Cavanaugh almost got smashed by one of them, but it flew back when we crossed over some boulders. It was intense. I loved it. Here is a photo of one of the birds.

Life is good! The miracles are as real as you and I. I love the gospel and sharing it every day. I'm grateful for the body we have with legs that allow us to run away from such ruthless birds, and for memories we are able to have. A "Perfect recollection" of things sounds bad, but I'm keen for all the memories to have brought back. What a blessing it is to have a memory, no matter how bad it may be! We can always look back to those moments where we taste pure happiness.

Havea  good week!

Elder Sargeant

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