Sunday, August 3, 2014

The things you do and see... as a missionary. (Aug 3)

G'day g'day!
What an epic week of adventures. It rained more this week than it has in over 17 years apparently. That could be completely made up but someone said it so I'll take their word for it. However, there was heaps of snow on the mountain the past couple days which was cool. We even drove down to see one of the Sister Missionaries, who is going through a hard time, and it was snowing while driving... THAT NEVER HAPPENS IN AUSTRALIA! We're so lucky to be in Tas.
Anyway, some cool experiences for the week!
I went on exchanges with the District Leader this week and he is the man! His name is Elder Vakalahi and he is from Tonga. His English is INCREDIBLE but he still drops the occasional hilarious grammar mistakes: "Elders, we must be exact obedience!" We had a cool experience together where we prayed with a active member on her door step that we could find someone to teach the gospel to on her street. She offered the prayer and we began our door knocking. After the first couple doors, we got nothing, but finally we came to one door. Kristine opened and told us how her son, who died of O-Ding on drugs, was a member of our church. She said she wouldn't want to hear from us because it hurt so bad, but my companion at the time asked if we could say a prayer. If she felt it was right, we'd come back, if not then no drama. He offered it and after the prayer she had a tear in her eye and said we could come back.
Moments later... her son Daniel came out and we started talking to him! He has been looking for the right church for ages and hasn't had any luck. We told him about the Restoration of the Gospel, the Book of Mormon, and how he can find out the truth through the Holy Spirit. It was such a powerful meeting. We talked for about 45 minutes with him and he gladly accepted our invitation to see him the next day. WHAT AN ANSWER TO A PRAYER!
We went to a member's house for tea last night and one of the little girls is named Lilly. She is the cutest little 4 year old girl who LOVES to be involved and help out. I was handed my plate of food and she offered to put some tomato sauce on my Silver side. I was happy to say yes! She squeezed the bottle, and realized it wasn't open! She was insistent in helping me out so she unscrewed the top a little bit and attempted to apply the tomato sauce on the plate. I noticed that she unscrewed the wrong part and tried to stop her when it started spewing out the sides! HALF THE BOTTLE came out all over the mashed potatoes, veggies, and meat. I just sat there for a second... and laughed my head off! It was cute as haha. I love the little mistakes that kids innocently make. She got it all over my shirt and pants too but I wasn't fussed. It was crack up.
Last, Daniel and Sam got married on Saturday WOO!!! HOW EPIC WAS THAT!!!!!!! I'll attach photos.

On another note, I need some assistance with you and your prayers. We are working with Daniel's younger brother and his friend's family. They want to come to church but something has always got in the way. PLEASE PRAY THAT TY FELLOWES, COREY YOUNG, AND ZACH YOUNG will be able to come to church and progress! WE NEED TO CALL DOWN THE POWERS OF HEAVEN FOR THIS ONE!!!! Thank you! :)
Little shout out to Cecilia Kruger! I got your post card in the letterbox the other day and I was ECSTATIC about it! How cool is it that you saw some members in Sweden! :) Hopefully they treated you well. I miss ya Cecilia! ENJOY YOUR TIME THERE!!!
Things are great. The work is true! I love being a missionary, even when the struggles come! There is always a bright side to everything.
Elder Sargeant

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