Monday, May 5, 2014

A Week to Remember (April 27th)

G'day Cobba! How ya goin? Fair dinkum, that's the way!

Yeah, just felt like exploding with some Aussie slang as NO one says any around here! I'm learning to use some Chinese though which is a pretty cool experience.

ALRIGHT before anything happens, let me just say that SOMEONE TRIED TO BREAK IN THIS WEEK?!?! DA HECK?!?!?!

It was 5:37 A.M and Elder Newell and I were awoken by the sound of the back door rattling. Now, in my half slumbered condition I thought either it was a massive opossum trying to get some pamphlets... or some very keen investigator! I think either way, both options would have been disappointed as all we to give is copies of the Book of Mormon and some pamphlets.

Everything turned out fine. We ran out the door and no one was there so the person must have taken off. Cool experience though.
So this week was AMAZING. I've come to truly appreciate the Spirit and those subtle promptings... and those promptings come in many forms. This week, Elder Newell and I had some pretty deep and open conversations about us as companions, what our strengths are, differences, weaknesses, and the good things we have to come. Being open with people, I've found, is DIFFICULT AS but always worth it when it's done with love and the right attitude. Nothing beats being able to open up. Elder Newell has this remarkable gift of being able to dig deep into people and understand them. He does with me and it's amazing what HE teaches me about ME. I have learned to appreciate his bold statements regarding EVERYTHING. It's a wonderful gift, even when my ego and pride think and feel otherwise. He's the man. 

Some other cool experiences are that we had the chance to teach English class and that's always  a blast. Elder Newell and I put tongue twisters on the board and the Chinese speakers had an opportunity to pronounce them. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!! After a few tries they got them down pretty dang well though. Then, we practised reading out of the Book of Mormon with a pen between our teeth as this helps, again, with pronunciation. The things you learn on the mission

The best thing was at church. We had a rough Sacrament meeting as our investigator family of Hayden, Lochlan, (both brothers) and their less active (returning!) father were sick and missed church. This means Hayden's baptismal date is pushed back!!! However, we had another investigator named Mehdi that had never come to church before but always told us he would. Elder Newell and I said to ourselves, as well in prayer, that Mehdi would come.

10am came---no one.
11am came--- no one.
12:01pm. Came--- MEHDI SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH HIS 11 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!! MIRACLE!!!! He's coming next week, and loved looking at the baptismal font.

Amazing week. Many miracles, and HEAPS of cold weather.... But it's good.

This is short, I apologize. TIME IS UP!


-Elder Sargeant  

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