Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tubs of Ice Cream (May 11th)

G'day g'day! 'Ow ya goin?
Well, I've come to truly love my companion. Cool little story about Elder Newell... the day we were to find out our new companions two transfers ago when he came in, I was supposed to be with another companion named Elder Beal! Right before announcements, President Maxwell switched us and put us together! Why? Because Heavenly Father knows what we need, and who WE can help. My do I love this guy. He's the man!!!
Every P-day we have a fun tradition that makes things more fun for the cold months of winter. We buy a new flavour of herbal tea and try em out. We have flavours from cinnamon, rose hip, Vanilla dream, etc etc etc... (I'll take photos next week.. I forgot my camera!) The best thing... every week Elder Newell get his tub of ice cream and has a bit each day after meals. It's hilarious. I caved and wanted to, in case we depart at the end of this transfer.
Well, this week was amazing. We got to Skype home and MAN DO I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! Mum, Dan, Heath, Emma, and Gabe I love ya HEAPS. Seeing you made the weekend the best. Best quote from mum. "Dane, you still look cute!" ---thanks mum ;)
To go to the little miracles, we were able to have a man named Kai come to our flat.. YES... come to our door and knock. Our mission had a fast that the Elect would find us and Elder Newell had been praying specifically for this to happen, while I had been praying for the family to find (as part of our fast). Well, Wednesday morning at 11:34am, Kai from Germany walked up to our door with some free door mats as part of a government project. He is the MAN! HE told us how when he was homeless about 3 months ago in Germany that a family took him in and gave him a place to live. They taught him about Jesus Christ and the happiness that comes from having Faith in Him. It was legit. I love how the Lord uses people as His hands here on Earth. He said "well, now that you've heard my bit, I'll install these door mats and let's have a discussion." So, he came in and we taught him about Joseph Smith, the restoration, and he said (after watching the Restoration video) "I feel just like dis man." We were able to get this info and referred him to the missionaries in his area. As we drove off, he was sitting on the footpath, smoking a cigarette, and reading one of the pamphlets we gave him. Miracle!
Yesterday was a cool experience as well. We had Stake Conference, and being apart of the choir has been the best experience for me! I've come to love music HEAPS and singing those hymns has blessed my life. Nothing beats feeling like you're apart of a good cause, more than just being a missionary... but a FULL PURPOSE MISSIONARY! ;) I drag Elder Newell, but he comes pretty willingly now.
Today for P-day we're going to hike up Mt. Dandenong and have a BBQ on the top of the mountain! Photos will follow. Life's good, there are New England Patriot fans here, and Boston Red Sox fans here as well. I can't complain.
Thanks to all those we send me letters. It's been such a blessing! I APOLOGIZE FOR NOT WRITING BACK AS STAMPS ARE $2.60 for one letter... so... yeah. I am pretty frugal about my letter writing. However, I really love and appreciate your efforts to keep my letterbox full as well as my heart. Thank you. That's all I can say.
Photo is from zone Pday!

Love you all heaps!!!!!
-Elder Sargeant

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