Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BAPTISM!!!!!!! WOOO!!!!! (May 18th)

G'day g'day!

The baptism was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, the Ball family are quite honestly the coolest Aussie people I know. They're genuine, humble, and just themselves in every phase of life.

Finley, the father of Haedyne who got baptized, bore his testimony in front of every one for the first time in his life. He was calm, cool, and just said what he felt. Far out did my heart burn as I looked into his eyes! They were filled with love and happiness that his son had done the right thing. He has a plan to quit smoking in the next two months. We are then starting the stop smoking program with him after the first month, and then after that he'll be ready to prepare for the Temple!!!!

Finley, Lachlan, Elder Newell, Haedyne, Me, and Jamie Enrique Guterrez Perrez. He is a recent convert that I was able to ordain to the Melchezidek Priesthood! :)

There really is nothing better than meeting more of these wonderful people. They just change your life. If I could recount all the fun experiences we've had at their home teaching them... I'd probably write a book. However, the best part is when we get talking about Aussie slang and how to use it properly. They're PRO at it. Grouse mate.

We had a culture night last night for the ward and goodness me, I've never had so many different types of food from other countries! There was food from: the Nederlands, Korea, Japan, Africa, China, Canada, America, Australia (duh), New Zealand, The Philippines, Czechoslovakia, Tonga, Samoa, and a couple other places. Melbourne is the most diverse place I've EVER been to... and I love it ;) 

I don't have any photos because they aren't working here.... please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Gabe here--he did attach some photos later!)

We had a cool experience this week though that kind of changed how I see things. We went to visit this older bloke in the ward and came across this old as man struggling to carry some bags. We were about to go home because we needed to be back and I remembered seeing this guy just struggling to carry these bags. His cane was slipping out of his hand, the bag tore, and I could just see he was miserable. I felt I needed to act or I'd go home knowing that I failed to do what I knew was right. I walked over and grabbed the bag from his hand and began to offer him all I could muster to give him in his inner frustration... a smile.

We walked to the door of the nursing home, and he explained how he had celebrated his birthday earlier that day and that he was so glad we were able to help him. He said he had seen missionaries like us before and would never forget us for that day. I felt nothing but love for the man. I can't really explain it as it's hard to describe the feelings, but it was like my heart was engulfed in happiness. I felt that I was being used to help, and for that, this man one day would find the ultimate source of happiness. Nothing we do really is for us, it's for the purpose that Heavenly Father has. We are just the means whereby those purposes get fulfilled.

I'm out of time!!


-Elder Sargeant 

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