Friday, June 6, 2014


G'day g'day!
What a sweet as week it has been!! Let's start it off with some interesting experiences.

So to begin, Australia is got to be the most awesome place in the WORLD.... but it's expensive as. Here is an example for you:
This past Friday my companion and I went on exchanges with the Wantirna South Elders named Elder Petersen and Elder Hedin. To add some 'umph' to the story, Elder Petersen and I were on bikes in their area. We were biking to a part of town that has not been ventured to in AGES because it's about 30 minutes away on a bike. However, on our way we set a goal to talk to as many people as we could.

Some background: Elder Petersen is from the North Island of New Zealand. He is a convert of 4 years, and is Maori. He is the MAN. He has a heart of Gold, and that soft spoken nature that just invites the spirit.

With this in mind we peddled our way to see some people. We saw a rather rough around the edges kind of man walking down the street. We decided "well, we said we'd talk to everyone... let's do it." We pulled up and started to chat to this guy named Tobias, nick named Toby. He is about 22 years old and he is the nicest person I have met in my life. We talked to him about who we were and he immediately responded about how he had known some members of our church growing up in high school. We talked to him about how God speaks to us or lets us know He's there by His spirit, and then described how it feels. He was smiling from ear to ear despite this tattoos, gauges and inappropriately labeled hats and shirt. He was interested in learning more and being BAPTISED!!!! WHAT A MIRACLE.

What did we learn? Don't judge a book by it's cover. Also, when you feel impressed to talk to someone... just do it because you care about people. Miracles happen, even if you can't always share the gospel.

This led to a day filled with joy and excitement. Later that night we went to dinner as a district for Elder Hollist's birthday. We decided to go to a Chinese Buffet for dinner! (CAUTION: ME + BUFFET = NO CONTROL) The place was... $25 PER PERSON! DA HECK?!?! We decided that since we had skipped his b'day dinner before that we would do it anyway. It turned out to be an evening of laughing, fun and learning the art of making perfect Soft Serve Icecream cones. What a treat ;) The belly was filled... quite extensively. I feel no regrets for they are out weighed by my love for Elder Hollist.

That was a blast. Then we had no K's (miles) in our car to drive for the month so we had to take public transport! It was crazy to meet all the people we did. We were able to plant heaps of seeds in some very good people. Walking around is honestly such a blessing as a missionary.

Well, then Saturday came with the BAPTISM of LACHLAN BALL!!! He is the brother of Haedyne who got baptised 2 weeks ago! He was also privileged to baptise his brother. My goodness it was amazing. The funniest part was that the Chinese Sister's had a baptism of a Chinese guy named Dennis Jin! He is the MAN but he is really big. The Elder who came back to baptise him was a smaller, shorter white guy from Utah. He is about 6 inches shorter and probably like 20-30kgs lighter. So... Dennis had to be dunked 3 times before he was completely immersed. The funny part was he tried to kneel the second time but that didn't work so the third time Elder Johnson just thrust him down into the water as hard as he could. Dennis almost smashed his head on the tap which was scary... but man oh man it was a hilarious experience. Waves of the font just splashed against the glass. It was the best ordinance I've ever seen. 

Sunday was Fast and Testimony Meeting and EVERYONE was fasting for Missionary work. All the testimonies were centered on people's experiences lately and it was amazing!

Yesterday was sad because I found out that I was being transferred. To my amazement.... I was called to be a Zone Leader. Should be a good time! 

I'll let you know next week of what happens and where I am. 

LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for your letters and your emails. Have a good week!

-Elder Sargeant

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