Monday, June 23, 2014

What a week... (June 17th)

G'day cobs!
This past week was so insane. We had heaps of work to do and saw some pretty intense dramas and miracles at the same time!
To start, one of our baptismal dates named Kylie told us that she was super keen to be baptised in a river! Elder Harvey was pretty excited about the opportunity but... it's cold as down here. She is from New Zealand so she basically said she wants it done like Jesus Christ or nothing! It's interesting how circumstances can change.
We taught her and her Auntie last Friday night and the lesson went really well. We read the Book of Mormon and explained a bit about the importance of the Word of God. Kylie's uncle is a non member and he joined in on the lesson as well! He was extremely drunk though since he knocked back about 5 beers in a matter of 30 minutes or so... pretty full on.
He said he liked hearing from us as well so we gave me a Book of Mormon. Later that night though... he flipped out and kicked his wife out of the house and threatened Kylie if she were to get baptised. He wouldn't allow her to go to church any more.
Elder Harvey and I were GUTTED! However, we knew that it'd be okay. The next day we called Kylie up and asked her how things were going. She said that her Uncle was still pretty crazy but that they'd still come to church no matter what. We fasted with her and they were able to come to church! Then... later on Sunday she had some concerns with the Law of Chastity and said she didn't want to be baptised anymore... we were broken hearted and tried our best to help her understand. We prayed that night that she'd change her mind---well.... two days ago SHE DID! Now she is getting baptised in the font (because the river is cold as) on Saturday. :) Crazy.
At the same time we fasted with Kylie, we fasted as a mission the day before.
two days of Fasting... is good! However, when you catch a stomach bug... it's not at all. We managed though as we just pound heaps of tablets and don't eat much. We're recovering though!
Anyway, we had interviews yesterday and all went well with that. It's such a learning curve for me since becoming a new Zone Leader. I love the opportunity to have to care for so many missionaries. It's a bit overwhelming at times becaue you don't want to make mistakes, but that's all part of the fun. After interviews with the Mission President, Elder Harvey, the Assistants to the President, President and Sister Maxwell and I drove to the top of the biggest mountain in Tas called Mount Wellington! It was so windy but INCREDIBLY beautiful. I'll show some photos.

One of our recent converts got pooped on her head while we were teaching her ;) It was HILARIOUS. She was not happy... that's okay.
Love you all heaps. You're in my thoughts and prayers!
You know who you are. You mean a lot to me. I hope you know that!
-Elder Sargeant

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