Sunday, June 8, 2014

TASMANIA, round 2 *ding ding* (June 8th)

G'day from the coldest place stationed by missionaries!!

Well like I said last week I was transferred! Turns out the Lord needs me back in Tasmania to find, teach, baptize and LEARN MORE. My companion is named Elder Harvey from Bristles, England. He dies in about 3 months time so he'll be my second missionary that I get to kill. [Gabe, Elder Sargeant's sister here. Just to clarify in case you aren't familiar with these terms, when a missionary "dies" it means he has completed his mission and will return home. When Dane says he will "kill" him, he means he will be his last companion before Elder Harvey returns home]. >:) Anyway, a little bit about our area:

I'm serving in a place called Glenorchy. It's in the Southern bit of Tasmania near Hobart, which is the largest city in Tasmania. It's right on the Harbor/bay/river flowing through the city and it's BEAUTIFUL. We wake up to the freshest and coolest air I have ever breathed in and the hills roll with trees so thick you can't even see the ground. It reminds me of home to be honest, but with no colourful leaves.

So, being in this area is an awesome growing experience. It's weird NOT being doubled in with a new missionary and being the Juniour companion again. I've learned that being less dominate is better. Reverence is key. I'm observing and learning heaps from Elder Harvey as this dude is the bees knees!

So some logistics... we have 7 people on date to be baptized, and that... is incredible to me. I've never experienced so much work to be done in my life! Seeing the lives of these people change is AMAZING. We have a recent convert named Sean Emerson. Dudes straight up the chillest guy I've met. He's baout 6'5 and is just massive. He loves hip hop and he raps from his passion. He is studying at the moment and lives with two non members who are both getting baptized. Every time we see the dude he gives us a massive bear hug. We love each other. It's awesome.

Anyway, the ward is pretty legit as well. Around 85 people come every week and most are old but there are a couple young families. I was blessed to share my testimony on Sunday and that was good. I love being able to do that and see all the people in each ward. It's hard for me to remember names and such but... it's always that "I'm new" experience. It'll change but I feel that I've just dived right into the mix.
So one sad story that happened was one of the people we are teaching is named Jake. He is from Tongan and he wants to be baptized WICKED badly! (still got some New England in me ;) )
He broke down on Sunday with us and just started crying heaps as he told us his mum won't let him be baptized yet, and he wants to stop drinking. He's 17 and lives with 3 other Tongan boys in a caravan park. He plays rugby and footy down here for his living (they're basically young professionals who are sponsored) and he wants to follow Jesus Christ SO BADLY. He said "I can't wait" when we invited him to be baptised. We helped me understand that things will come and that if he prays, fasts, and continues to do right that Heavenly Father will make the way right for him to be baptised. Keep him in your prayers please!!!!!

Some updates from my last area: FINELY STOPPED SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he can prepare for the temple with his family who just got baptized a couple weeks ago. :)

Things are going good as. I love the work, I love the gospel, and I'm TRYING to love the cold.

Thanks for all your prayers and your love. Keep sharing it, you have no idea how much it can change a person or their day.


-Elder Sargeant

-The photos are of Haedyne, Lachlan and myself and also the temperature outside today....

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