Monday, June 23, 2014

"Aye, we feels it aye!" (June 22)


What a week, what a WEEK! It was insane! Stupendous! Incredible! MIRACULOUS! 

Yeah, I'm just in one of those moods, so bear with me please. Honestly though, this past week was fun as and pretty dang good. I love my life as a missionary! Every day is filled with laughs, missionary work and the Spirit. 

So last monday we had ZONE PDAY! We went to the Hasting caves and tore it up with all the other missionaries for the FIRST TIME IN LIKE 3 YEARS. Tassie never has Zone P-days because frankly there is too much traveling involved. We have a limited amount of K's (kilometers) we can travel and so it just smashes it if we do. However, since everyone was meeting up for interviews with President, it was a perfect opportunity.

The week was basically the normal assortment of missionary related things, but we had some cool moments I'd love to share. Two of our investigators got baptized. One was on Thursday, and her name is Sam Pearce. It was a pretty small baptism because of the time and stuff but all goods, she loved it. Sam, being the amazing person she is has already read about 2/3 of the Book of Mormon in about 2 months. SHE'S LEGIT! She's 21 and loves the gospel. Her boyfriend is named Daniel. He is investigating the church and wasn't sure when he'd be baptized. We had tried to help him give up coffee but he just didn't want to. Last week, on Wednesday, we got a call from Sam. She was excited and told us about how DANIEL RECEIVED HIS ANSWER AND WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED NEXT WEEKEND!!! So he is! He gave up coffee that day and hasn't had any since. He doesn't swear anymore and we found out last night.... they are going to be married! DA HECK!? MIRACLES! I love it.Elder Harvey will leave the mission before he has a chance to see them, but I'll be (hopefully) still in Tas for it.

So, the other baptism we had was of a girl named Kylie! She had some crazy things happen the past 2 weeks before her baptism, but all was finally worked out. We were having a river baptism. It was incredible! The temperature outside was -1C Saturday morning at 8am as we made our way towards their house 50 minutes away. We made it, and the Bishop came with his ute all really to drive us down to the river.

It went well and the water wasn't terribly cold, at least from what Elder Harvey said. I'll send photos.

 Me, Sean, Sam, Daniel, Kylie, and Elder Harvey

Elder Harvey and Kylie

It was just an amazing week. However, one of our recent converts got in a car accident and fractured his neck. His name is Sean Emerson, the most gangsta'd man alive. However, he STILL CAME TO CHURCH THE DAY AFTER. "A fractured neck won't stop me! I'm a juggernaut." <--- His text to Daniel before church.

Life's good. 2 minutes left SORRY!


-Elder Sargeant

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