Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Car Fasts---bring miracles! (July 1)

G'day all!!

This will be short... again... I'm sorry. We've had a hectic week as we went to Melbourne on Monday for an MLC meeting! (Mission Leadership Council). It was 6 hours long and pretty legit.

However, that's not what you wanted to hear! Last week was a good as week. It was cold, rainy, and windy too which made for some miracles to be abounding if we worked hard. I'd say we tried our best and had some cool experiences. For one, there was a time when we had to walk the entire day in our area because we had to save K's for our car. We did a "Car fast" for the whole day. It was good because we got to talk to some interesting people who had some interesting beliefs.

My personal favourite was one man who believed that we are all viruses living in a giant person's stomach and that person we call "God" is the stomach which we live in. He said "it's all in the Bible, you just have to read it!"

He then began to tell us that Jesus was a magician which was a bit irritating because, well... HE ISN'T! Don't be talking about the Saviour like that! He was a nice guy, just had some different... very different... beliefs.

Then, we had Daniel Fellowes baptism. His grandparents came down to see him and his g-pa baptized him. His dad is less active and decided to come to church AND the baptism, which was awesome because we've been working with him for ages. He cried the whole time, especially when his son Daniel was baptized. That was such a good experience. The Spirit radiated the room and Daniel was SO prepared. He told us that he felt that turning away from sin has built his understanding... where did he get that? Job 28:28. Home boy read the Bible! GOOD ON HIM (since he really doesn't like reading). Now he has a suit and looks fresh to death!

Then, Monday morning for our exercises we decided to run up this mountain that's called Mt. Wellington! IT WAS COVERED IN SNOW!!! but the gates were locked so we couldn't go the entire way. I didn't because one of the Elder's sprained his ankle the day before and didn't wanna walk the 7km to the top. It was beautiful and I took some photos. However... I forgot my camera. STINK.

LOVE YOU HEAPS. The gospel is TRUE! Share it with your friends, and just do things for other people. Too often we forget the importance of the words that show we care. Just say them because there is power in words.

-Elder Sargeant

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