Monday, July 14, 2014

Time is short! (July 7th)

G'day all!!!

This will have to be short unfortunately but that's all good! This last week we spent most of our time in Melbourne for a conference with the Mission Leaders. It was actually pretty cool. Listening to the different ideas and things that we need to do as leaders in the mission inspired me more to just help out others more. I reckon that's the best part about this new opportunity of being down in Tasmania... we are like the Zone dads. We went on exchanges after we got back from Melbourne on Wednesday and we balled HARD in the morning for our morning exercise! One of the missionaries named Elder Rowan is from Sydney, AU and he is flipping good at basketball. Makes me miss those days of church ball haha. 

We had some good experiences teaching Jeff and Ebbi, the best friends of Sam and Daniel who are two of our Recent converts! They have been progressing pretty slow but finally they we were able to get them to say yes to coming to Church! 9am is a big deal for some people... pfft ;) Naw, it was awesome! They are the best and Sam and Daniel were looking fresh in their new church attire. Daniel was rocking his new suit and Sam was looking good as well. Jeff really seemed to enjoy church and Ebbi said she was tired but that she enjoyed it as well. We'll see how they continue to go! Keep them in your prayers please! :)

We also did some service on a Sheep farm with one of the RC named Kylie Whakataka. We were able to take a tour of about 1/8 of the farm... it's 1600 ACRES! We then saw where they shear the sheep and that was pretty cool. They're some full on ladies... let me tell you. Then we helped them collect some MASSIVE as pine cones for their fire places.

I had an interesting feed yesterday at one of our Sudanese investigators homes. We came to share a message and they gave us some food, as they always do. This time however, I saw this massive triangular piece of meat. I thought nothing of it so when offered I grabbed a piece. Well... it turned out to be a FISH HEAD COVERED IN BREAD CRUMBS! When I first saw it and realized... I was a bit turned off but after some thoughts I figured hey... give it a go! 

IT WAS FLIPPIN GOOD! Fish brain is honestly delicious! :)

Today for P-day we went hiking up this massive trail which led to an overlook of one of the highest mountains in Tasmania. It overlooked what's called Cape Raul. It took about 1 hour or so to climb but we didn't do the whole thing. We went with one fo the members from church named Brother Rodney Wood and two other missionaries. What a champ. I'll send photos next week as... I forgot my camera.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Enjoy your week!

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