Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Grumbleness is next to Godliness" (July 20)

G'day all!

There is a less active man named Graham, or Grumbles as we call him, who fed us this past Sunday for lunch. His son is Daniel who was recently baptised. HE IS THE MAN, (both are pretty awesome but Grumbles is hilarious). He made us tacos and we were joking with him about coming to church and how he NEEDS to. He knows he does because he gets emotional whenever we share scriptures with him. In time, the Spirit will work. Anyway, he was talking about how we need to follow the Word of Wisdom so we don't get fat! He also said it while holding a can of Jack Daniels beer.... and that's when you dropped the line "Grumbleness is next to Godliness" in response to our rebuking him for his hypocrisy. He is the man though. We love us some Grumbles.

In our area we have three missionaries now since Elder Harvey is going home. We got him on Wednesday and he's getting SMASHED with the cold. His name is Elder Cavanaugh and he was my last Zone Leader!! How lucky am I?! Two sweet as companions to smash it up. We've had some fun moments together already. I accidentally head butted Elder Cavanaugh the other night while we were preparing to go to bed. He was concealed under his blankets and SMASH. It was bad but funny. Then he slept walked and high fived Elder Harvey since he thought we had to get up. It was crack up! 3am sleep walking!

The week was really good. It was fun going out and seeing mini miracles, like Daniel's brother being interested in the Gospel and the Book of Mormon. It started to rain and hail and we just did some door knocking and found 2 people in twenty minutes who wanted us to come back.

This morning had it's miracles as well! We met this lady named Molly and her friends who work at a place called Herbal life. We finally got to meet with them after like 4 weeks and they were SO keen to hear about the Book of Mormon. So we watched a Mormon Message called "Book of Mormon Story" and they LOVED IT. They all accepted a Book of Mormon, and one of them named Chris said "Yeah, I would REALLY love to have a copy."

It was awesome. Nothing beats sharing the Gospel and seeing others gain some faith from hearing the testimony we share. It's the BEST JOB EVER! 

OH! The Kings came down on Monday! THAT WAS SO FUN! We went out to lunch at a place called Fish Frenzy (best fish and chips ever) and then some ice cream. I'll attach some photos.

Thanks for your prayers, letters, and love.

-Elder Sargeant!

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