Monday, July 14, 2014

Blessing and blessings. (July 13th)

Well, transfers have come again... I'm STAYING! Haha, no surprise. My companion and I will be getting a third one to stay with us while we wait 4weeks before Elder Harvey dies :( He's gutted as... and I reckon it's surreal as. He just went to the mainland to bear his testimony before he leaves. He had to pack already and man it's hitting him but he's handling it well.

Anywho, on to the week! What adventures came about? What fun things happened? Well, let's see... someone gratified our car! Not with paint... but it was basically attacked by dirt from our ride home through this place called the Highland lakes at the beginning of the month. Our car turned into a bird poop target as well... so we finally got it washed. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PHOTO!

The rest of the week was just filled with the usual stuff. However, my favourite part was being able to give Priesthood blessings to some sick peple and some Sister Missionaries that were struggling. It's an amazing honour to serve and act on behalf of Jesus Christ. It's humbling and I LOVE IT >:) 

Hahaha, so we have this investigator named Brenton who is the biggest Tupac fan in the world. He also loves to play card games called Yu-gi-oh and Magic the Gathering. He told us to meet him at this comic book store in the city called Area 52. That place... is nerd heaven. Literally, they have every comic book around and cards up the Wazoo! Holy crud! Also, they have card game tournaments that last for ages on some new cards that come out. Basically, it's a pool of sweaty guys and girls playing against each other until their is 1 winner, who gets MORE cards and such. It was funny as! I reckon that it would be fun to just watch the intensity. We talked about it with a member from the ward and he said that when nerds get into cards, the sweat a different kind of sweat... "nerd" sweat. It was crack up.

We got a referral from our Bishop for a family that we had seen a while back, but didn't talk to them because they were screaming at each other. Turns out one of them is a Less active man who wants to come back to church with his non member partner named Deanne! We finally met with them and talked to them about their wants, fears and the Spirit was SO strong. They expressed their fear of losing those they love and disappointing people. They also said they wanted to be married together as a family and be sealed in the Temple. What a GREAT GOAL. We were ecstatic. Anyway, George, her partner who is returning to church, came on Sunday. He asked us for a blessing later that night and we went over and gave him one. In it, it talked about his conversion years before and how he needs to hold on to that. He said he felt so much peace after and that it really helped.




-Elder Sargeant 

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  1. what are you doing back in Tassie Elder Sargeant???? which ward in Hobart are you in ???? my daughter son in law and the four girls are member's down there in Hobart ward..David and Chelsea Parsons and their 4 daughters....