Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week of weeks that lead to another week (Feb 1)

G'day g'day all!

Wow, what a cool week it's been. Ups, downs, roller coaster rides... interesting people... fun adventures, and heaps of good food.
First of all SHOUT TO MY BOY ELDER GISH IN NZ! That object lesson was so impressive to me. I may use that in the future to show how we need to change so we don't keep making not only ourselves suffer, our families suffer, but the Saviour. That was a great lesson to me and an answer to a prayer. Thank you my brother. I feel a bit of love swelling in my heart for you right now and I hope you know that I think of you often.

So, one of our investigators named Brother Tommy Va'a, has completely astounded me with his humility, thirst for the gospel, and his faith in Jesus Christ. To let you know about Tommy, he has been smashing through the scriptures and is up to the end of Mosiah already. Every day on his way home from work he reads a chapter...or two... or more... and listens to "Nearer My God to Thee" on his phone. He is engulfed and surrounded by the "fountains of living water," like the flower in a vase. He is flourishing and it's been the coolest journey for us to be apart of. He and his wife are getting baptised together back in NZ, which is sad for us because we miss it, but he gets to be with his wife and kids... THE most important thing.
He shared with us last night, after we broke our fast with him for him to get his permanent employment here, that he knows the gospel is true. He's felt to sing the song of redeeming love. He has been praying and searching for this path to be the right one, and he has humbly accepted that God has placed him here for a reason. It blows my mind how mature he is, and he is only 28.

A funny experience that happened... oh gosh.... well we took a prospective missionary out with us named Des Zinck. He's a humble, shy, but powerful 18 year old and we had some fun out tracting. As we were tracting we saw these two younger girls (probably 7-10) cutting the lawn... with a pair of scissors?? We talked to them for a moment just to ask what they were doing and to ask them if they knew each other. One of the girls replied. "This is my house right here, and hers is over there, so we're just cutting my grass." We asked, "are you friends from school?" and she replied promptly, "No, we are friends from the streets."

It was the most crack up thing to hear from the mouth of a 7 year old. She owned that street. YEAH! I wish you could have been there to experience it.

My experience has been awesome serving out here in Australia... I wish I could put into words the things I feel and find each day. My life has changed from these past months, and I'm grateful to be able to go out each day!
I had a cool experience the other day where I learned that simply manifesting love can bring some cool blessings. My companion and I came home from a long day with little success. Frustrated, fatigued, and ready for some food, we planned with a tense atmosphere. After we finished, one the other missionaries said "Don't you guys like... hug or high five after you're done? Come on bro..."
That was a humbling experience. I've done it in the past but forgot how much those moments matter. My fellow missionary and I put aside our frustrations and embraced with a bro hug. I'll tell you... it's quite strange how much that can take away from anger. DO THE LITTLE THINGS TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION FOR THOSE YOU LOVE MOST!!! THEY NEED IT!

Well, that's about the extent of it. WE GET TO WATCH THE SUPER BOWL TODAY WOO!!!!!

Love you all!
-Elder Sargeant

Photo is of Tommy, Me, and Elder Richey at our fast breaker last night.
PS--- you may say to yourselves... Has he gained weight? I reply to you this---- My chin may have  extra skin... but so does a Banana.....
No, but in all seriousness I'm in a Samoan Ward... cut me some slack here.

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