Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The finish line is in sight (Feb 8)

I LOVE MY MISSION! I don't say it enough but it's the greatest. I've been blessed this past week with many wonderful experiences and things I'd like to share but the time is short so I can't get to all of them.

FIRST AND FOREMOST TOMMY VA'A GOT BAPTISED!!!! We didn't do it because he went back to NZ to be baptized with his wife. I was extremely happy for him and he even spoke the Sunday following. They said he sounded like he'd been a member for years.

Just goes to show... we all know it's true... we just have to remember it. 
I'm grateful for that knowledge myself! 

So this week was a week of meetings... traveling... and GASTRO!?!?
My companion got hit with gastro for 3 days so we didn't get to go out very much. It was all good though because we split off. I went out with a missionary named Elder Kent and we came across some very interesting people.... one day before church we were dropping off some missionaries and this man was walking down the street. I waved to him and said hello. He turned to us and began to speak some of the funniest and most offensive things possible... but we just cracked up! I had studied charity that morning and man of man was I blessed with an extra amount for him! He was definitely on drugs for sure... he could barely walk or speak properly! It was funny though.

We found out transfer news and turns out I'll be dying [Gabe here--the term dying in this context is missionary jargon for the last area that he will serve in for his mission] in Cranbourne! YES! My companion will be leaving to go back down to TASMANIA WOO!!!!!!! I'm a little jealous but he'll do great.

There is a family we are working with called the Howes. Rachel and Jase. They are less active but returning members and they are some of my favorite people. We went over there and just sat and read some scriptures with them that they had read during the week. The Spirit was so strong and we learned together. We went through the Restoration with them again and talked about Priesthood. I was grateful for that because I learned HEAPS! We have a God of order and Love, and that's something priceless.
At the end, we told them how Elder Richey was leaving. They got a bit teary eyed and told us that they had been praying for anyone... someone... something to come and help them get back on track and that we had been prompted to go. It's amazing to me to have people in our lives that need us. Often we don't even know it, but we can do it.
Mosiah 4:16-20 ^^^ Are we not all beggars??

Love you all! Have a great week... hopefully not too much snow. It's been like 32C here, or 90-95F. BE JEALOUS! 
-Elder Sargeant
The MLC at the mission home

I cut my own hair...it didn't work out well. 

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