Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Day in the Life of Elder Sargeant (Feb 15)

G'day to all my lovely blokes and shelas out there across the world! I hope you had as wonderful of a week as I have had this past week!

It truly has been one of my favourite weeks as a missionary. There is something very interesting that happens when change takes place around you, and that's this motivating feeling inside to change who you are a little bit inside! You want to do better and be better. You want to make things that were wrong right! That's how I felt this last week as I got my new companion Elder Orrego! He is the MAN!

He's 19 and is from Vancouver, Canada. He's been serving for about 15 months now and came in originally with my son Elder Worsencroft. They were companions in the MTC. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? As we got back home, we dropped off all the luggage for the other missionaries and then were heading to our next appointment in a place called Koo Wee Rup. WE met up with this man named Mitch who had met missionaries in the past. They helped change his life and get him off serious drugs. When we chatted with him, he was drunk but he was receptive to us! The funny thing is that his youngest son is named Dane as well! I was KEEN AS! He said "My name is Spiderman.... and sometimes Dane too." He was cute as. 

Another experience that we had was this, and I DO believe in the saying that the people are looking for the truth. God is preparing people to come to us for what we have to share!

Tuesday came and in the morning we had district meeting with the missionaries. As an Elder was giving a training, a knock was heard on the door behind us. Since I was closest to the door I opened it to find a plump man, about 5'6, wearing dark framed glasses, a white shirt and black tie who looked nervous and sweaty. My mind was completely open as to who this man was and what he desired. I stuck out my hand and introduced myself and beckoned for another missionary to come with me, named Elder Kent. As we shook hands he explained he was looking for a Bishop or set of missionaries to teach him more about the Mormon faith. He had been doing his own research and wanted to learn more. I was taken back a little by this man. Not every day does this kind of stuff happen... but in reality, it does. We asked him some questions and invited him to let us teach him there and then.

Something to know about Glen... well first of all Glen is his name. He also drove an HOUR to the temple in Wantirna South, and then another half hour to Cranbourne. We sat down and I asked to offer the opening prayer. I remember a thought coming into my mind and I decided to act on it. I said, "...and we invite thy Spirit to be here now." 

Those simple words, as spoken by a man who spoke to us 2 weeks previously, brought forth a feeling and power that I had felt previously but that I had never knew I could ask for in such a manner. I loved it, and I knew Glen could feel it.

We taught him a basic overview of the Message of the Restoration of the Gospel and we prayed at the end to know if he needed to be baptised. It was such a cool experience. He'll be coming to church next weekend!

Another thing. We were driving home from the District meeting and noticed a woman who was crying on the side of a BP petrol station. I thought she was just sweating heaps, but then a closer observation revealed tears and sobbing. We decided to park the car and ask her what was wrong.

I was filled with love and compassion for this woman, named Tabby, who had just been beaten by her husband and had her children taken from her. She was desperate, and in need, and I felt a love that filled me deep within. We talked to her and simply offered our service to talk if she needed us as her Sister pulled up. We gave her a card with our number on it and she drove away.

I don't know if I'll ever see her again, but I'll never forget that thought to go talk to her. I'll never forget the feelings I felt as I offered her something... anything... and that was something that was given to me from Heaven.


48 seconds.

Got to go!

Love you all!

-Elder Sargeant OUT!

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