Monday, February 23, 2015


I'm not sure where I put this title, but it's what came to my mind as I read Elder Chase Gish's email to me. He brings the BOOM every where he goes, but mainly because his feet are massive. Love you man.

This week went by way to fast and had way too much epicness. Let's start with some exciting news.

I'm sorry these letters get progressively less interesting. So much happens that I can't even keep track and I forget, but just know that awesome things happen. I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO WRITE IN MY JOURNAL FOR 2 WEEKS NOW!!!!!!

Anyway, Brother Tommy Va'a who got baptised received the Priesthood yesterday. What an amazing experience. He is such a gun. He texts us daily and reminds us how much we admires us and wants to come out teaching with us! We took him out 3 times this past week and his testimony has shook the house! <--- He's also spoken in 3 different wards the past 3 weeks since he's been baptised. 

So, we had an appointment with a girl we met the other week named Ellen. She is from American Samoa but recently started going back to church. I am amazed at how humble and kind she is. She invited us over and we brought Bro Va'a. So, we talked to her and her friends came over as well. They go to the 7th Day Adventist. We decided to teach the Restoration from the Bible and the Spirit was so strong. Ellen asked for a Book of Mormon the second we brought it up. She just wants to know what's right. I was so happy for this experience because we almost didn't bring anyone with us because she didn't respond to our calls or texts. She just trusted we'd show up.

A mini miracle happened on Sunday as well! We've been teaching a young couple in the ward named Rachel and Jase Howe. They are some of the only Australians that we teach here haha. We love them.

We have been teaching them for about 2 months now. Little by little we've seen the light grow in them. Starting with reading the scriptures with them, praying with them, and going through their concerns, we have seen the Lord's hand help them progress.

Jase had a hard time praying because of his feeling inadequate and unworthy. We reassured him it was not the case! We invited him and he said he would in his own time. 4 days ago we had dinner with the Howes and another family in the ward! JASE SAID THE CLOSING PRAYER ON HIS KNEES DESPITE HAVING A HORRIBLE KNEE THAT DOESN'T BEND VERY WELL!!! Faith in action BOOM!

Then, on Sunday, Rachel Howe was at church! I was happy as for her and she seemed to enjoy it! Jase was at work, but he's getting a promotion that'll give him Sunday's off. BOOM!

BOOM!! We had pancakes for our Preparation Day tradition as we've been craving some. They were good as! I have missed them!!!!!

Last but not least, we're working with a part member family called the Loia family. They have 4 children ages 5 and younger, and Loia, the father (same first and last name), was taught previously. We've been able to help him see that the Book of Mormon is the key to knowing that the church is true. His motivation is being sealed as a family which I was just humbled by. That's the key. WE DO EVERYTHING FOR THAT REASON AND HE GETS IT!!!!! We saw him yesterday after church, because they were supposed to come but last minute work opportunity came up so he took it. He is keen to see us again and has been reading the Book of Mormon.

Please please pray for Loia that he can 1) Gain a testimony because he wants to be baptised when he knows it's true. 2) for him to get a Job that will help him support his family! He had to quit his old job because it was too far away.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. your mail has been such a boost to me!!!

I'll attach a photo to show you of all the "love" I've been sent!

Much love,
Elder Sargeant


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