Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What a hectic week!! (Jan 27)

G'day g'day all! 

Glad to be back to share the adventures of Cranbourne Victoria!!! It was a crazy week with many interesting things that happened... good things of course.

You'll have to forgive me, as this day has been a day of interviews with the missionaries and we're pretty smashed after giving heaps of people rides. Here is the craziness of the week.

Well, to start out, one of my favourite things about my mission has been the chance to pray SO often. What a blessing! I've never really been good at them but this past week was a monumental one for me and prayers. I was able to go on exchanges with my old companion from Tasmania, Elder Cavanaugh. I love that man, I really do. I was nervous to go because it'd been a while and Tasmania was an interesting experience for both of us together, but with faith we went forward. Things moved in accordance with how they'd always go. Morning time, brekky, studies, comp study, and finally some daily smashing. We went out and I remember specifically praying for the strength to go out and speak calmly to people, and that Elder Cavanaugh and I would have a fun day. 

The first person we talked to was a nice old lady from the Czech Republic! She was nice as to us and we had a great discussion with her, but the best part was the flow that took place from our mouths. I remember just asking questions that I had no idea were there. I remember speaking and feeling assurance and confidence spread through my heart and mind like the warm breeze in the dusk of a Summer day. We left the doorway, leaving a good impression with a daughter of God, and feeling ready for the day.

It was HOT AS here. We were walking around and decided to GQ some people.... that turned into 6 hours of GQing (randomly walking up and talking to people) broken up with some tracting. I was so happy to go out and work so hard that day with my old companion. I learned a bit from him and we had a great day. To celebrate... what did we do?? GET SOME SOFT SERVE AT MACCAS---HECK YEAH!

So an update on our investigators:
We are currently teaching a family of Sue, Mikayla (daughter) and Raquel (friend of Mikayla who is 16 and so is she). They were GQ'd a week or so ago.

On exchanges, my companion and another missionary were able to have a POWERFUL lesson talking about who God is and what it means for us!!!!

SICK AS!!!!! 

It's for 28th of February. Legit.
Sorry about this but it was a great week. I'm almost out of time! SOrry!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

-Elder Sargeant

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