Sunday, January 4, 2015

Endurance---the key of finishing strong (Jan 4)

G'day, Talofa, Kia ora, Malo le le!!!
Elder Sargeant here! Just an update of the week that just passed. Well, as you all know my time in Tasmania has ended. The 8 transfers (total) reign has come to a close. I'm sad... I miss that beloved place. The people were my people. Each family was my family. I miss them, but every good page in a book must be turned to the next at some stage, and that's where I am now!
I'm serving in the Cranbourne area in the Gippsland stake--25minutes from the Temple here in Melbourne. I'm keen as to be close again!
My ward is primarily Islanders which means FEEDS OF MASSIVE QUANTITIES, but enduring is the key. Just eat slow, talk heaps, and drink even more! So far so good.
I LOVE THE WARD THOUGH! Everyone invites people to church, gives us referrals, does their home/ visiting teaching, and all that jazz.

Also, our Ward Mission Leader, who is in charge of helping out the missionaries is trying to get into the UFC. His name is Nick Patterson. Look him up! He won his last fight against and UFC Vet. in 0:38 seconds. Legit, he's a beast.
Anyway, this week was really cool. I was able to have a really happy couple of first days. I've been really looking for ways to improve myself as of late, and the goals that I had in my head were never really seen in my eyes as accomplished. When I moved to this Zone, I was blessed with the capacity to see how I had indeed changed. I had never felt such a rush of happiness in my entire life, at least as consistently as it was. I definitely was feeling the Spirit. Now, it's a matter of keeping that up and working hard.
You know what the worst part about being new is? Everyone asks how long I have left... DA HECK!! As if keeping it out of your mind is hard enough, having others drill it in is not the best. Naw, it's not that bad actually. I don't really think about it now. It's become a back shelf thought that's reviewed only when completely necessary.

The biggest miracle we saw this week was with a member named Jay Brown. He is a returned missionary himself from the New Zealand Wellington mission. He has a friend named Tommy, who's wife is investigating in NZ. Turns out, his wife knows the relatives of brother Brown in NZ and was talking to them about how cool it'd be if they could meet up with the Browns in AU. Well, doesn't take much... NEC MINUTE they're moving here (hopefully permanently) and we have a teaching appointment with Tommy today! Hopefully it goes well.

Well, that's all I can really think of. The funniest thing that happened is definitely the Harpoon gun....
One of the missionaries in our flat is a survival expert and weapons maker-extraordinaire! Luckily, it's in non-pros times. However, he made a home-made harpoon gun that we shoot at this giant as stuffed monkey that we got for Christmas. Things almost as tall as me, but 3x wider! It's fun.
*Disclaimer* ---No animals were harmed in the making of the harpoon gun.

Well, hope you're all happy and healthy. LOVE  YOU ALL! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS! Keep Tommy in your prayers for us please!

Love you all!

-Elder Sargeant

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