Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Banana Sandwiches and Satan's Bum (Jan 12)

G'day g'day!

Good to be back here at 11:16am in the beautiful Cranbourne, Victoria. The weather is a nice 26 degrees outside with partly cloudy skies.... which beats the 42 C we had TWICE LAST WEEK! I haven't sweat that much in my life, but it makes you feel satisfied at the end of a long day.

This week was a really good one. First off update on Tommy Vaha our progressing Investigator! HE IS THE MEANSIEST!!!!! He has been reading out of the Book of Mormon and texted us saying "Definitely, this is the path for me and my family to take."
He came to church, is gave up coffee and tea, and we didn't even teach him about the Word of Wisdom. He's the man. Thank you for your prayers! We're teaching him at a FHE tonight at the Bishop's house. 
Other things that happened this week were. Well, a woman from Tasmania came up to visit my companion and I. She took us out to lunch with her 10 year old Daughter Evelyn. Sister Parkes ordered a Banana sandwich. Something to try:
Two pieces of bread with butter.
sliced up banana spread over the bread.
sprinkle sugar on top.
Make sure to remove Satan's Bum!

(Satan's bum is the bottom of the banana where the little black stem thing is.... it's crack up. The proper name is 'Satan's anus' but I'm not a fan of shouting that to the world.)
Didn't take a bite but give it a go!
We drove through the BIGGEST LIGHTNING STORM I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE! We were going on exchanges up to Sale, which is 2 hours away, and we got caught in a massive storm. No death or problems but many flashes and cracks. It was epic. Of course we stopped to get soft serve ice creams on the way. The best tradition of all time.
I really love the area. It's about 90% Polynesian and I'm enjoying the change. I can be my crazy self and not get looked at like I'm some possessed man with issues... Naw, I never act that way! It's been a blast working with the members and seeing their lights shine to all their friends. 

Hope the Patriots keep smashing! GO PATS!!!!

Love you all, have a  good week!
Elder Sargeant 

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