Sunday, December 28, 2014

It's Almost Here!!! (Dec 21)

Gabe here--sorry I posted these last two posts out of order!

MUM!!! It'S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS... CALLING YOU ALL.... It happens so quickly!!!!!!!!
I've been so filled with excitement, love, and gratitude this week it blows my mind. What an exhiliarting feeling to have. No better time of year, and yet so often we put this Spirit behind us as soon as the Christmas season is over.
I have found a way to keep it alive. The way it came for me was through going about doing good. This week was the time to go out and do good and see the miracles that come from it. So, starting off the week we went on exchanges with some missionaries local to our area. I was with a man named Elder Crapo. No relation to Yvette Crapo back home. (Thanks for your letters though).
We went out and were doing street contacting while walking to our next appointment, when a lady pulled up who was carrying stuff into her house. I thought, LET'S ASK HER IF WE CAN CARRY STUFF IN! I was a little surprised when she said yes, and handed us a mini pool for her grandkids, and also a bag of plastic balls, no less to jump in I imagine.
We helped her out and found out her name was Wendy. She is 60 years old and had a ROUGH upbringing, but found God when she was 17. Her husband cheated on her, left her with 3 kids at the age of 26, and she struggled by herself for 29 years. With God's help she made it through. I related to her your story mum, and she and I connected. It was AWESOME! We got a return appointment to share about "He is the Gift" and I'm sad I won't be there. She gave us Lindt chocolate to eat on our travels.
That morning I had passed up a prompting to talk to a lady across the road out of sheer laziness I imagine... It was just a "Ah.. it's across the road... it'd be awkward..." And I knew it was a wrong choice. The rest of the day I promised I'd do my best to talk to everyone and help along the way. Heavenly Father provided some awesome opportunities.
So on a more awkward and funny note, I was GQing in the mall with Elder Crapo and I talked to this young couple named Mark and some... crazy... part Aboriginal name for thise fair skined lady (his wife) and their small child. We had a great conversation about God but... his wife straight up just started breast feeding right infront of my face. DA HECK!?!? I was a little bit taken a back, but I just let it go. Man oh man... it was weird. Then I talked to another man who turned out to be a schitzophrenic. That was interesting, and I knew he wanted peace but he wouldn't accept the chance to learn :\
It was a great week though. I've had some awesome experiences, and there was a Bishopric member that went out of his way to help answer a question I had on making prayer more meaningful. He printed out some tips and strategies and gave it just to me... I was so taken back by it! I was humbled... and ever since then I've just gone on a giving rampage! We made little gift packages for all the missionaries in our District.
We've gotten smashed with food. :)
Love you mum. Enjoy Paris!
this will be the weekly email as well!
PHIL,TASH, JULIA (the daughter who is 15) and their 3 small children Bruce, Myrium, and Elizabeth, came to church and they fit perfectly into place. THey just look like a church going family. We'll keep you up to date.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Keep going out and doing good. Mum and Dan... I'm so proud of you for your missionary efforts, and I know that Heavenly Father is just beaming with joy.
Love you all! :)
Elder Sargeant

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