Sunday, December 7, 2014

Wallet Butt (Nov 30)

G'day g'day all, hope you are all going well!

Let's jump right into things here and tell you about our fantastic week. It was really good to be honest! We've seen some miracles and had some cool experiences as well as some laughs along the way. My companion and I have been doing heaps of door knocking as we're looking to find those that prepared! 

So, first of all we were in Ward Council meeting today and out of no where at the end Brother Mackay came up to me and asked a very interesting question, and making an even more interesting observation regarding my pants and the back pocket...

He said in his South African accent, "Elder, has someone been trying to steal from you?"

I was a bit confused, but I replied "No,"

"Well, I've noticed a bulge in your pocket from you wallet I'm assuming? You really should get that fixed Elder."

He then went to tell me that there is something called "wallet bum" for those that keep their wallet in the back pocket for too long and sit on it. It can cause walking problems when it hurts a nerve in your butt. I thought it was funny... "Elder, watch out for wallet butt!"

Lessons to be learned each day!

This is going to be short... 60 seconds left! Couple shout outs

1) Jeff gave fantastic testimony on Sunday!

Yeah.... the Gospel is true :)

-Elder Sargeant 

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