Monday, December 15, 2014

Terrific Tassie Transfer of Christmas Fun (Dec 14)

G'day g'day, how ya doin?

Elder Sargeant here, just giving a shout out to my mum, because I love her. Mum... I love you. 
Also a shout out to my Dad in Nevada, thanks for the letter! I've meant to write you, but I didn't have your address so now I have it. President Maxwell was very humble about me getting a talk given by him. He laughed and said "watch out for false doctrine." He's the man.

This week was a good week! We had our mission Christmas Conference, wait... TASSIE CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE! We're basically the guinea pigs for these things so it was good. We had a massive feast, sang Christmas carols, watched some uplifting videos, and Elder Worsencroft and I sang a duet off the cuff. It was a really good song called Gesu... something in another language. I really love singing.

OH! One more shout out to a family I love dearly: THE KINGS!!! They came and saw me up in Launcestn Tas, during our Christmas party! MISS YOU GUYS!!

During our week we had some cool experiences, 1 that I would really love to share. One of my favourite promises in the scriptures is "Open your mouth and they shall be filled." I have a testimony that that is true.

We went to go see these potential investigators that we met a couple weeks ago. We walk up to the house in a pretty run-down area called Bridgewater. A Metallica poster was hanging from the window and the lighting was dark. We knocked on the door, and a tall red headed guy opened up and invited us in. His name is Andrew. We met his brother Will previously and that's who we were there to see. So we walked in and there we see Will... chuckling on the couch, embarrassed and unsure how to act. The reason... he was smoking a bong with his mate. I was a bit irritated at first, thinking, "what is the point of trying to teach these people. They won't feel anything at this point." Oh how wrong I was. You gotta learn to bite the bullet and listen to the promptings! Inside something kept whispering ever so slightly, to keep there.

Ended up starting a conversation about Christianity and how Jesus was a Jew and such, which led to other things. My companion and I were blessed with words to say and you could see in their eyes the interest they had in knowing if these things were true. I was humbled afterwards, only slightly because I'm still a pretty terrible person, to see how much we were "filled" when our mouths were "opened." It works! Just open your mouths and speak. It's powerful, if you're doing the Lord's work.

A part member family called the Roach family came to church on Sunday! Sister Roach!
We''ve been working with their family for a while (just dropping in and saying hello). She called us up one day and asked if we could play sports with her 2 sons Solomon and Steven. We did and shared a message. They went on the YM campout, and her oldest son watched 17 Miracles with us. They came to church... We're KEEN AS for them! KEEP SHARON ROACH, SAMUEL, SOLOMON, AND STEVEN in your prayers. They need it.

I Love the Christmas season. I wish it felt more like it here, but it's getting there slowly. Enjoy the snow for me!!!

Love you all!

-Elder Sargeant

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