Friday, December 12, 2014

Don't let your guard down! (Dec7)

G'day all! Hope all is well in the cold as winter of America/ where ever you find yourself.
Our summer thus far has been quite cold and rainy, but hey we can still wear shorts so not so bad.

This past week was a pretty interesting one. We went up to Melbourne for a meeting with the Mission President and the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. It was a spiritual experience and we had CAFE RIO FOR LUNCH! Fetch I miss that stuff. In the words of my mom "Nectar of the Gods (*as she shakes her hands in expression of delight*) All those that know my mum well know that expression and that phrase. Love you mum!

I learned this week to NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!! Why?? After the Meeting in Melbourne, I realized that I needed a haircut. We have some clippers at the flat so about 30 minutes before bed I asked one fo the Elders to trim the sides just a bit, since my hair was getting over my ears--- looking like a dag.

So, Elder Nyanhamo came and was like "Bro, I got you." As he approached my hair.... BOOM THE GUARD SLIPPED AND I GOT BUZZED WITH A 1 on the side of my head.

It was so crack up, but we worked through the disaster to fix my hair. It actually doesn't look bad but every one says I look like I should be in the Navy.

Moral of the story, don't let your guard down... or let Missionaries cut your hair when it isn't a P-day, even if you are trying to do what is right!

On a more Spiritual note, we've been really blessed to find prepared people here. We tracted in the dodgiest place in Tasmania and were fortunate enough to find a family of 7 that are Searching for the true church! When we met them I was immediately taken back by the feeling of goodness I felt just being in their home. It was an indicator to me of God working in us. They're coming to church!

SANDRA GOT BAPTISED!!! Despite her fears, she was really looking forward to it and it was a blessed experience. She loved getting the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday as well. 


-Elder Sargeant

[Gabe here-Elder Sargeant ran into the King family this week and they sent us some pictures. You can see Elder Sargeant's new hair cut!]

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