Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!? (Oct 26)

G'day all!
I've lost my knack for catchy titles so... I'll just pretend that crazy stuff happened. Well, it really did!!
This week was mainly spent going and helping the north district and going on exchanges. Let me tell you... there is nothing more enjoyable then going with a fresh missionary... who is straight from China... and hasn't learned much English. It was crack up as. After every conversation with people he'd always ask "so what did they say??" I would just chuckle, but seeing him teach by the Spirit really made me miss those days as a green missionary. You don't have much, so you MUST rely on Heavenly Father!!
Wednesday we got to fly to the City and GQ! I met some people from Maryland who were less active members and had some really good conversations with them. That was a recharge. I love sharing the Gospel, even if they aren't super keen. I'm doing what makes me happy, and what makes Heavenly Father happy... giving people a chance for THEIR own happiness and peace.
Well one cool thing that happened was with one of the Recent converts named Jess. She has been working with someone for about 1 month now and he wants to be baptised!!!! I'll share more next week. His name is Luke and he is the man,
it was a great week. We had a district p-day [Gabe here, p-day means preparation day] and I'll attach some photos!
Sorry this is short.... Lame.

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