Sunday, October 19, 2014

I wish I had a catchy title, but I don't (Oct 12)

G'day all!

I just had a sobering and pretty crazy experience. I was told that I only have 5 more Fast Sundays before I come home. What the heck?!?!

Well, until then, we buckle down and GO HARD.

This week was good. We had heaps of appointments that kept us busy and some little miracles that made my day. 

One thing, I have received a couple ties for my birthday and HOW AWESOME ARE YOU FOR KNOWING I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! 

1-- The Bowleys. I love this family. miss you heaps. thank you for remembering I'm 21... and that I can do what I want, especially with such a legit power tie in my collection.

2-Jebbi, AKA Jeff and Ebbi, the coolest people around. They bought me, and got the tie embroidered with "The Sarge" on the front in green. HOLY COW YOU ARE THE BEST. I'm wearing it at my wedding, not question.

Well, this week was pretty good. We had a cool little miracle with some people we are teaching, or trying to teach. Their names are Sharon and Michael and their 9 kids!

Yeah... 9 kids. So Ebony, Lucy, Thomas, Byron (Heath you'd like that one aye), Haiden, Harry, Archie, and Amber, and Nakita...<-- just met her so I can't remember her spelling. Anyway, they are AWESOME and love learning about God and Jesus Christ. We had a bring family prayer together, though the parents don't want to learn much, but they were so sincere and fun. We played the "guns game" to pick who prayed and they all were excited. My favorite part was when they all committed to pray together that night and every night. It was awesome!

One of my favourite experiences this week was after the Saturday General Conference Afternoon Session. We went to go see a Less active family and we watched a movie called "To this end was I born." It's a Bible video of the Savior and it touched my heart deeply to see Him and what He did for us. After, the 3 little kids all said prayers asking for help they needed and my goodness it was humbling. Their pure intents and desire to have "less bullys" and "help with spelling" was so sincere, it made me think of my prayers and if they are as sincere and heartfelt as Piper and Holly's were. 

Well, other than that... one milestone we had was running up the back of this mountain behind our flat in under 14 minutes! We shaved off like 2 1/2 minutes from our previous attempts. We were stoked.

The work moves forward each day! Conference was an awesome experience and I hope you all continue to apply those things learned. REFLECT ON THEM ALWAYS!... I never seem to do enough.


-Elder Dane Sargeant

On our way to Zone meeting---Elder Campbell, Chen and Me!

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