Monday, October 6, 2014

Round 4 DING DING (Oct 5)

G'day all!!

Another 6 weeks in Heaven WOO! Got the news and we're staying here for another 6 weeks together. It'll be a miraculous time, and a growing one. We have about 3 fresh missionaries coming in to be trained and it's going to be wonderful to bask in their Spirit. I love new missionaries. I remember the time I first came to Australia and how much you rely on the Spirit in all things... and you can mess with them ;) HA jokes.

Anyway, this week was HECTIC AS! We had a MLC meeting in Melbourne and were able to fly safely there and back. Here is the fun part. On our way home, we were in the airport for 5 hours because of a delay. The engines wouldn't start! We finally got home at about 2:30am and then slept for 3 hours to go to another meeting in the North part of Tasmania. We brought our Recent Convert Sean Emerson. I love this man. He inspired us all and was able to give a speech about how he views us a missionaries.

I love what he says: "You guys saved my life. You're super heroes. You don't see the impact you do. You go out, teach, work hard, and you don't even know the impact you have on our lives. You reach people. You save them."

I was deeply touched. Never have I been called a super hero for being a missionary. It's a blessing and it has shown. We had a cool experience with one of our new investigators named Adrian! We knocked on his door about 2 weeks ago and tried to go back and see him the next day. Long story short... he wasn't there. My companion had the thought to go visit him on Friday and he opened the door immediately. He was saying how he wanted to come to church and get God back in his life again. He has had a loss of his Father in his life, his girlfriend take her own life, and he is searching for answers and forgiveness. What a humble man. We felt so much love for him and he let us come back on Saturday. We taught him about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, about forgiveness, and about being baptised. I invited him to be baptised and I felt this love overcome me. I knew that it was the love that God had for him! He said Yes, and he is KEEN AS!!

He came to church and Loved every second of it. He was a bit shy, but we got him his own scriptures and he was so excited to read them. He loves the Book of Mormon already and has read 4 chapters in 1 day.


So, crazy story about one of our Recent converts named Jeff and soon to be Ebbi!!

Jeff got up and bore his testimony! WHAT A GANGSTA!!!!1 HE was like "Fellas... should I get up?" We encouraged him and he got up and did it. He's the man. Now, Ebbi... she is AWESOME and still continuing to shed her light. She brought her sister to church and I think she enjoyed it!

Dan and Sam are good too! Dan got a Moroni tie and tie clip. He looks like a missionary.

Life is good. Blessings are rolling! I'm grateful for the Gospel. It's true... learn about it and LIVE IT!

Love you all!

-Elder Sargeant

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