Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trail of Trials Sprinkled with Blessings (Oct 19)

G'day all.

Mum, this email will be directed to you, but also for everyone as I have no time left for two separate ones!

What a week this past week has been. Let me tell you of the struggle we had but of the many many miracles as well! Cheery and cheer is the attitude I tried to have but it was stressful. We had a sad situation come up where the beloved Ebbi, Jeff's partner, could not get baptised yet. However, she will be one of these days. That I promise. The hardest bit was that it was a mix of all of us that caused it, but we had the power to stop it sooner and missed it. That's okay. Through the rough Friday-Saturday we both felt like hands were smashing our minds with stress. I remember thinking to myself "what the heck... this is terrible." Then, I had a cool experience.

I was writing in my journal, being a bit pessimistic about the situation, and then I just recalled some things that happened amongst our week of trials.

1st- Adrian, one of our progressing investigators has been SMASHING through the Book of Mormon. He loves the scriptures and finds so much peace from reading them. We were able to meet with him after he was sick with the flu and taught a good Restoration lesson to him. He was keen to watch the DVD as well haha.

2nd-- We were blessed with meeting a very nice girl at the bus mall one day named Isabel. She is 16 but looked about 25 and was so nice to us. We chatted for a bit and then started to talk about her beliefs. She wants to know what everything si all about. She believes in something because having nothing after this life doesn't make sense to her. She the bus pulled up, she gave us her number and said "Make sure you call me!"

3rd- one of our recent converts (before I got here) named Jess Roberts decided to come back to church again! That was awesome. We missed have her. It was really cool mum, because she is the type of person that you can talk to about everything and she can make it real for you. It was nice to have her back at church again.

4th-- The weather was beautiful!

5th-- We ran up the hill in back of our flat in under 15 minutes. We accomplished our goal!

6th-- We had 7 people come to church on Sunday which was really cool. 4 of them were from a family we're trying to teach. Their names are Lucy, 12, Thomas, 11, Ebony, 15, and her best friend Bianca, 15. They are AWESOME AND LOVED CHURCH!!!!

We really were blessed... even when the hard parts came. It's crazy when you are so disappointed that you feel sick inside and yet are strengthened. I felt the love of Heavenly Father for us.

55 seconds!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

There ARE blessings even in the hard days.

-Elder Sargeant

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