Thursday, January 30, 2014

BAPTISM...of Fire! (Jan 26)

G'day all!

How ya goin? HAPPY 'Straya day!!!

Yes... just as we have our 4th of July, Australia has their Australia Day! Basically everyone just dresses up in their colours, gets smashed on alcohol, and has heaps of parties and such. Fireworks are banned here so none of that. 

This morning, about 5 hours ago we had our Aussie Day Brekkie! There were heaps of people there, and Declan came too! HE GOT BAPTISED!!! We'll get onto this in a little bit.

The ward had heaps of snags (sausages), eggs,onions on bread, and pancakes. Just for those who want to know what a usual Bar-B would be like in Australia, they have white bread, sausages, sauce (ketchup/BBQ) and cooked onions. They take a sausage put it into a between a single slice of white bread, put sauce on it and give it a go! It's easy, and actually quite good.

So we had a lot of non members there, we played footy (AFL), and then just hung out and had a good time! We got 2 new contacts out of it and were able to see some people we invited come as well. Missionary work and relaxation all in one!

So, back to this past week. We had a cool experience with a less active named Samantha Woods. She has been less-active for about 10 years or so but we've been teaching her and her kids again. SHe likes us and we get on quite well actually. A couple days ago, Elder Worsencroft had a bit of free time after our Tea appointment and decided hey... what should we do? We checked our planner and both had this prompting to go see Sister Woods. We stopped by and she was there alone so we sat outside and had a nice chat until her neighbours came over! They are named Bo and John. John has been recently interested in religion so we started talking to him about the Book of Mormon and Elder Worsencroft basically taught the entire first lesson to him! Meanwhile, I noticed that Sister Woods was a bit quiet in the corner so I slid over and felt prompted to ask her a question of why she left the church and how she was and all that stuff. It was quite a roller-coaster of  story but we connected and I was able to share with her the story of the people of Limhi in the Book of Mormon and how they came out of "bondage" or those bad times we all face in life that drag us down. It was inspired... and I wondered why I read it that morning during study! She couldn't come to church but she came to the Ward brekkie this morning which was a big step for her so we are excited!

Gah.. there are so many moments I wish I could share but I'm almost out of time so I'll have to skip to the BAPTISM!!!!!!!!! Declan Smith asked me to perform the baptism on Saturday which was an awesome experience. I remember walking into the font with Declan and waiting for everyone to be quiet. I was quite stressed that morning with all the preparations but he was ready and I was ready. As I put my arm to the square and closed my eyes to say the prayer, I can distinctly recall a feeling washing over my body. No... it wasn't the fact that the water was so hot my toes were steaming afterwards that caused this feeling, but it was a feeling of peace, chills, and warmth running through me. For a moment I remember thinking about those feelings and saying in my head... "It's alright. He's ready." What a wonderful love our Heavenly Father has for us! In my moment of struggle, right before I was called upon to baptise someone, comfort was given to me. That trust in Heavenly Father always pays off. Prayer is power.

Needless to say, Declan is excited and is now focused on what's next!

Oh some cool highlights. We were able to dedicate someone's home infront of about 30 people! A Partmember family invited us over to do it and we did. What a powerful moment where the spirit could penetrate people's hearts and we could be the means to act in the name of Jesus Christ. I love those moments. A few people were then interested into talking to us about what we do and we were able to get a few names to go see.

Life is good, all is well. No worries mate! :)

Well, more to come! I'll attach some photos!!

Love you all heaps!


Elder Sargeant

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