Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot! (Jan 19)

G'day all!!!

This will have to be short as, as I'm almost out of time!

This week was a great week! Our car, that I told you about last week, ended it's streak of going flat in the middle of the servo (petrol station, gas station). We asked for a jump from some people but they didn't have any cables.. DA HECK! But, we gave out some passalong cards, which was a bonus. Luckily, we were blessed with a Good Year next to us that put in a new battery for us. NO MORE PROBLEMS WOO!

It was HOT HOT HOT AS THIS WEEK!!! It was about 43C-47C this entire week. We were sweaty as with each person we talked to but we were invited in to talk to a few people and shared some lessons. One lady, her name is Colleen, invited us in. She went through a tough divorce from her husband who cheated on her for 5 years, and we were able to tell her about how she doesn't have to be alone in this, that there is someone who KNOWS how she feels and wants to hear from her. That is our Saviour Jesus Christ.
She invited us for tea and we had steak, veggies, and some pudding. Mmm... so good.

So, basically Declan, our investigator... IS  KEEN FOR HIS BAPTISM!!! It's amazing seeing how much he has changed. He's given up smoking completely and is working on it. He's gone 4 days without a cigarette and he's still working on it. 

Also, we had interviews with our Mission President and that was a good experience as Sister Maxwell showed us our family history! I've gotten quite excited as I learned that my great-great grandpa died of a heart aliment while he unloaded hay from the back of his ute! My companion got his family history all the way back to Adam!

Finally.. we had an amazing experience with a less active/part member family. We shared a Mormon message called "Our True Identity." It talks about how knowing that we are children of God makes all the difference in our present and future. The husband, brother Swift, cried as he talked about his duty as a father and to his family. We talked about how that's exactly how Heavenly Father is with us. It's his duty to us, but more importantly... HE LOVES US.

Ah... it was wonderful. I feel bad not thinking of any good stories to tell but I hope you all know that I'm happy, healthy, and good. 

One of the missionaries, Elder Hirata, and I do INSANITY the workout program every morning except Sunday. I'M GETTING MY SIXPACK BACK! WOO!

I love my mission!!! The miracles are amazing. The best part is those moments where you see your weaknesses and see how you can improve. Then, you can work on it no matter how frustrating it is.

This week will be tough for Declan so any prayers on his behalf would be very much appreciate. Cheers! 


-Elder Sargeant

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