Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let us all press 49 degree weather (Jan 12)

G'day all!

This past week has been HOT AS but not just from the sun... it's been hot with the Spirit too.
Let's start with some funny moments from the week though aye:

1) Elder Hirata, the Japanese Elder who is also serving here in Bendigo, was boiling an egg for brekkie on Tuesday Morning. With the hustle and bustle of mornings, sometimes showers just get the best of us as we prepare to get ready for our 8am studies. With this in mind... Elder Hirata accidentally left the egg to boil for about... 1 hour and a half. In the middle of our personal study, all of a sudden we hear this BOOM. We come out to see that the boiled egg was ALL OVER THE WALL AND THE PAN BASICALLY EXPLODED SENDING SHRAPNEL EVERYWHERE!! No, that's an exaggeration but the egg did go all over the walls... and it sounded like a shotgun.

2) Elder Hirata, again the man of the hour these days, was enjoying some Martinelli's sparkling apple cider from my wonderful family Papa and Mama Gish. :) He was opening the top and as he twisted the cap, the stuff just shot out at his face! So, instinctively he just stuck his mouth to the side and just started inhaling the juice. Mate... it was FUNNY AS!!! Never had I seen a moment of sheer instinct more full on than in this moment. It was awesome!

3) To explain the title... Elder Worsencroft and I were on our way to go teach Declan, the man who is scheduled to be baptised the 25th of January. While we went to pick up our fellowship named Jamie Clark, his cousin, our car decided to not work. As we sat in the front seats we looked at the temperature gage each time we desperately turned the ignition. "49 degrees C". Yeah.... for those that don't know the conversion... that's about 120F. WE WERE ROASTING IN THE CAR. Finally, after about 10-15 minutes of asking people fora jump, we got a very nice older bloke to hook us up with a battery jumper. It was good.

Three days later... it happened again. -.- ALL GOODS! IT WAS AWESOME! :)

This week was awesome. We have been so blessed here in Bendigo. First of all, my companion Elder Worsencroft, my son, is such a STUD. His Boldness and willingness to talk to everyone is astounding. He always looks for ways to improve and he is such an example to me. Every morning we are able to study together and work on becoming better missionaries. It makes me hope that one day I can become as good as he is already.

Declan, our baptismal date is going strong in the gospel and progressing SO rapidly towards his baptismal date. Every time we talk to him he just pours out his heart saying how much he wants the gospel. I wish I had the same conviction all the time. 

Ash, his mate was able to see a miracle as well. About a week ago he was driving with his step mum home from visiting his Pop (Grandpa) who just died two days ago. On that way home he say an older man collapse on the ground and smash his head into the cement road. He instinctively told his mum to pull over and he performed chest compressions on him for 13 minutes...straight. His face was so bloody that mouth to mouth was impossible and unsafe so he just pounded away on his chest. The man was able to get medical attention and now is recovering fully despite him having facial fractures. Ash took that as a new look at his life. He told us when we met with him "I finally feel like I have a purpose. I want to be baptised... but my partner doesn't support me." We were saddened by this news but realized that all would work out. Turns out, Saturday night came and we met with Ash again. He told us that he got a call from his partner to tell him that she was fully supportive of him and his desire. 

MIRACLES!!!!!! :) I LOVE IT! The work here is so awesome. Those days that seem to last ages and go no where are ALWAYS followed up by miracles from Heavenly Father.  

Well my time is up so I'll attach some photos!


LOVE YOU ALL HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!\

Special Thanks to Mum and Dan, Mama Gish and Papa Gish for all those wonderful packages :)

They made my DAY!!!!

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