Sunday, February 2, 2014

What a week! (Feb 2)

G'day g'day!

What a week might I say? I'll try to be a poet and rhyme in whatever the words may.. 

So far from last Monday, we've seen lots of miracles!
Investigators progressing, and lots of referrals.
Things are going well, Declan is still strong,
despite kicking his flatmate out because he was 'hitting the bong.'(This was his words.)
He came to church, Declan did
despite a 3am start to drop off that kid,
who was causing him issues and stresses beyond
his own strength and power but God he leaned on.
Now he is better, and things are mended,
hopefully through prayer his testimony will be defended.
On to the rest of our week, it was hot and quite scary,
we were able to teach this super-naturalist named 'Barry.'
He claimed to be a prophet who heals, and casts out devils,
but all he did was change a 7 year old believe on many levels.
A Less active named Samantha, who's son is named Noah
told us a tale of her Son's disbelief of God from before.
Barry scared him by saying he was possessed,
poor Noah was frightened, and cried in Sam's chest.
Now he is good! We've showed him and Sam the way,
we're teaching them FHE on Monday's and lesson on another day.
They say they want to come back to Church and to God,
what wonderful words to hear from two who were in fraud.

On to the shout outs, THANK YOU PAPA GISH!
You've been my Dad when I've felt like a fish.
That letter you sent was a great way to uplift
me when hard times came and Satan was trying to sift.
I love you, I hope you know,
that 14 months will go
quickly and speedily and we'll just hang out by the pool like bros ;)

Right-O Far out! I had sushi for the first time!
A member brought them over to our flat at quarter past nine.

We had a wonderful Sunday, as we visited a family of Samoans,
that are part members and want to come o'a (Australian Accent saying Over like.. Ova but O'a)
what I mean to say is that he wants to come to church! 
We shared a lesson, and our hearts were at a lurch
as the Spirit stirred us and words we did tell,
Of Eternal Families and redemption from Hell. 
They fed us heaps and we couldn't say no
so we had helpings of curry, rice, and snow..
naw, just kidding, I just couldn't rhyme again.
He had ice cream, laming tons, and the flesh of a hen.

We're going back sometime next week
and hopefully their Testimony's will peak!

I'm grateful for struggles that help us to see
the potential we have, and who we can be.
Elder Worsencroft is the man as we learn and grow,
we just go out, work hard, and one day we'll know
of the results of our efforts when things may be slow.
Our Faith will endure and onto Victory we'll go!

Well, basically the week was good. We've been blessed heaps and were able to see the Chinese New Years parade which was legit. It has been hot but I actually don't mind because coming home with sweat on your back and face makes you feel like we used our time and strength. I found out that I will be staying here for another 6 weeks! So WOO!! BENDIGO!!!!! 

Hope all is well back home. I heard that the Seahawks are winning so SHOUT OUT TO MY BRO ELDER HAMMAR IN NEW ZEALAND!!!! They'll smash it bro!

Love you all heaps and thank you all for your emails, letters, and prayers. They help me more than you know. Your efforts are never wasted!

Until next time, Cheers!

-Elder Sargeant

Elder Worsencroft cutting Brother Naldo-rei Casanova's hair! (He is the coolest South African man ever! He comes teaching with us heaps and served in the Philippines.)

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