Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Church is True, the Sea is Blue

G'day all!!!

Things here in Victoria are going quite well. The HEAT IS UPON US... you know what that means?! Sweaty as shirts and lots of socks to change. Far out, it's crazy how much a body can sweat in one day! Luckily, we've been blessed with our Car which makes these days much more bearable. 

The blessings of the heat though, what are they you ask? Well, tracting is heaps of fun! You talk to a lot of very kind and loving old ladies that give you icy poles and glasses of water. Kindness makes the heart grow softer. 

Despite the heat we were blessed with some miracles that stick out in my mind. The first one is this:

Declan, our recent convert, came out teaching with us! He is so willing to teach with us and go out with us and share is growing testimony. This was evident in our Chapel tour we gave on Thursday to our investigator named John! John was told and under the impression that we were, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Cult. Far out mate.... you for real? That's the first time on my mission that has been a problem. Luckily we were able to convince him to go on a chapel tour with us. Now, prior to this tour we were under the impression that we needed to ask him to be baptised. We had a goal we wanted to reach, we had feelings that he was prepared, but something was in the back of my mind that caused me to doubt a little bit. 

However, there came the time to show John our meeting house. We walked in with Declan trailing behind a couple paces, and first were able to say a prayer. In my mind, I ran through quickly what we would do and the order it would happen in. As we made our way through the foyer, the Chapel, and finally to the Baptismal font, my fears and doubts ceased. I knew, with a certainty that we needed to invited John. Elder Worsencroft, Declan, and I all taught the first lessons, told experiences, and bore testimony. Hesitantly, Elder Worsencroft looked at me as if with his eyes to say "Should I say it?" I simply stared back into this eyes without moving or saying a word. That was my way of saying... "OI MATE GIVE IT A GO!" 

With those warm feelings surrounding our hearts, the invitation of extended.... and was accepted as well! WOO!!!!!!

My faith grew HEAPS from the experience. Those doubts and fears were quenched. I knew that the Spirit was able to let us know what we needed to do! No doubt when we listen to what we know to be right, despite what seems to be improbable, when the Lord wants something done he will give us the opportunity to do it. IF we don't someone else will, and THEY'LL get the blessings.

What a wonderful experience :)

COOLEST THING EVER HAPPENED YESTERDAY! We were driving home from Stake Conference, which was legit by the way, and we were informed that the main highway back to Bendigo was closed. We were a bit puzzled and asked why. The response from our Bishop was this:

"Oh, basically there are Bush fires over the roads and around Bendigo so... yeah. I reckon they're out by now but just thought we'd let you know."

For someone who has never seen a bush fire I was STOKED! As horrible as it sounds, I was excited to see them.

We made our way home and saw black land cover the rolling hills that surrounded the road. There was a plume of smoke probably 200 Meters long (600ish Feet) or longer over the horizon with Helicopters flying over head spraying water and other things onto the flames. We were put on a detour and were able to see first hand a house burning to the ground.... it was insane. We felt bad  but were quite aware that these things happen and we simply cannot do anything about them.

What a cool thing to see though aye? I'll never forget seeing black hills of wasted trees and crispy grass. Far out..

Anyway, for some other exciting news... I bought some Brown pointy shoes at Salvos for $10! WHAT A BARGAIN! Far out Mum, your bargain skills have obviously rubbed off on me. Now I'm going to church with shoes that don't look like a rapid Kangaroo has chewed on them and spit them on the asphalt. ;) Naw my shoes aren't that bad, but they are getting their scuffs. 

Well, Letters are always loved, and TIES are always as well! I'm going through a bit of a phase. I like the fat ties with cool designs on them, or skinny ties to add to my collection. 

However..... all goods with emails and letters if that's all that can take place ;)

LOVE YOU ALL!! STAY WARM!!! ENJOY THE SNOW!... Really... enjoy it. Aussie Sun burns your lips! 

-Elder Sargeant 

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