Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring time is coming!!! (Aug 25th)

G'day mates!

Well, this past week has been FILLED with miracles. Heavenly Father is definitely spoiling us missionaries here in Tassie.

Since transfers happened, we have been blessed with a very good Zone Leader named Elder Wood from Sydney Australia. He is a great leader and helps motivate us to work hard to and go out to fulfill our purpose of bringing others unto Christ.

My perspective has finally changed on missionary work, and I think that is exactly why I was sent to Australia, especially here in Tasmania. You see, many people are very set in their ways and require a LOT of trust to be built. Heaps of people don't really want to just accept the gospel because they feel they are completely comfortable in their ways. Some, are more willing to listen but then again don't want to be pushed, and some are ready, willing, and just need that reassuring whisper and truth given only by the heaven sent Holy Ghost.
 I've come to realize that when you are trying to convert people to this gospel you need to understand a few things:

1) People will only open up when they trust you. Building trust often takes times, and sometimes you have to spend time just getting to know someone before they are ready to hear our glorious message of love and happiness.
2) The Spirit is ABSOLUTELY essential. If the spirit isn't there, it's like trying to fill a bucket with the bottom cut out... it's pointless.
3) It takes TIME. That's been my biggest issue I reckon. I have always lacked patience and I think that Heavenly Father knew I needed to have that idea CRAMMED in my head over and over and over. People take time. Not every person I talk to will accept the message. Many will be interested, and many WILL join. Whether that is by my hand or the hand of another missionary, that is completely fine. Everything that happens is by the Lord's time, and by His plan. I've been blessed with many people who have been ready to hear the gospel. My companion and I recently... have found a love for different cultured peoples!

(Aussies are great... don't get me wrong... but they are SO set in their ways that we like going to the humble and nice people from China and Nepal better... but we still try to find those Aussies who wish to hear our message. It's for everyone!)

We have 5 new investigators ALL from the same family! They are a Nepally family consisting of a father named Lal, his wife, and 3 daughters named Aiti (18), Ash (16), and Dilmya (12-13). They also have a son that was gone when we went to teach them who is 6. We tracted into them on an absolutely GOLDEN street filled with many nepally people as well as Chinese people who are so interested in hearing about our religion.

As an added bonus... Our investigator Dan Han (from China) came to church with us yesterday! He said the atmosphere was so much better than all the other churches, and he felt that inside his heart the Book of Mormon was "good" when he prayed to know. We are so excited. Next time we meet with him we want to show him the Restoration Video so he can get that solid visual.

I love the opportunity to teach people of other cultures. They have so much to share and to educate us with, and we in return can share the happiness that comes from our lives that are embraced and immersed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's basically a Win-Win for everyone who is willing to listen. One of the greatest parts is seeing the sacrifices families make to get away from the wickedness that is in this world. And now, they are in our path for that purpose of inviting them to come unto Christ, and Be baptized unto Salvation! It's amazing. It also allows us to learn to teach REALLY simply and listen to them. That's something that I've really wanted to become better at--- LISTENING. And being Patient. All these little miracles and people we've seen have blessed me personally with opportunities to grow, serve, and share my knowledge. It's a wonderful world we live in I reckon, and the possibilities are endless for just loving people you see every day.

Spring time is finally coming! The past four days have been in the 15-17 C range (60-63 F) which has been so nice! The animals are running wild, and I recently was able to see some parrots flying around someone's yard. I'll send heaps of pictures as the weather continues to get better..

The Church is true. Don't deny it ever. Act and don't be acted upon. Love others as you would want others to love you, and remember that we've been given so much... EVERYTHING we need to be happy in this life. We just have to press forward with faith and all will be well.

I Love y'all HEAPS!!!!!

Turoo Mate! Cheers! Ta! (All ways to say goodbye/ thanks for the chat/ Thank you! "Ta" = Thank you)

Elder Sargeant

P.S. Don't judge... the daughter of a recent convert named Emalee painted our faces last night. It was her birthday and we missed her party so we came over for tea and she painted our faces... here ya go!

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