Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another week in Tassi-dise (Sept 8th)

Well, g'day all!

This week has been pretty good to be honest. We've seen some miracles come about despite the stall in the progression of investigators. The other day we were able to go to see a Less active member named Kelly Morrison. We drove for 30+ minutes driving everywhere to find her house that basically is in the middle of the Bush. After driving heaps of places, my companion and I found ourselves caught in the middle of a small curvy round at a dead stop. Turns out...

WE SAW A BANDICOOT!!! Like from the game!!! Elder Hosman jumped out like a wild man and when to examine the animal... we were a bit hesitant because we didn't know what it was. We asked around and were told it was a Bandicoot. I love the wild life here.

Back to the miracle.... WE FINALLY found the house. We were about to give up when we both just decided to keep going down this curvy road. After a few minutes of searching, we found our destination. Luckily, her husband was there as well and we talked to them for a few minutes. They are both members of the church, her husband is an RM, and they invited to come back whenever we wanted. It was a miracle that her husband was there at all because that was the one day he wasn't down in another part of Tassie like he should have been. Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. We're planning on send out members weekly to go out and get to know them as well as both my companion and I felt impressed that they just felt abandoned. Just goes to show the power that Love has on people and the great Need for it in this life.

This week we also were able to have a random Islander call us. His name is Sienang, from an island I cannot spell nor pronounce at all. (He lives near Tonga/Samoa etc etc).

We found out he is a RM or returned missionary who is studying at the Uni here in Tasmania in Engineering. He's an awesome guy who is only going to be here for about 3 months. We drove with a member named Brother Wheeler to go pick him up on Sunday morning. On our way to pick him up we saw a brown skinned man walking in a suit. We chuckled and realized that no other person in their right mind would be walking to Tasmania on a Sunday Morning with a suit and tie on except an LDS person. It was awesome talking to him. He is very humble, has a family back on his island, and set us up with a friend he met here who is COMING TO CHURCH NEXT WEEK!!!!! I'm telling you, that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways. It's amazing to me how little things can bring about such great miracles.

For me it's been a slow week. I've always been one that wants action. I love teaching heaps of people, finding heaps of people, contacting heaps of people, and always being out. This week has been a bit of a slower pace. We were given the opportunity to do service for a lot of members in our ward and I have a greater testimony of the importance of relationships with those you spend time with. I have come to love them truly for what they do, who they are, and the efforts they put forth into our work. Yes it would be nice to have 8374902379457923475 people ready and golden to receive the gospel but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes, we just have to be patient, learn to love, have hope, and exercise our faith until we find those people that are ready. It's been a blessing for me though this past week because I've realized the things I personally need to work on to become a better person.... and how true that is.

The imperfections of the "natural man" are more evident for me now than ever before... and I'm so grateful for it! My weaknesses are exposed, ready for the strengthening.

My new favorite scripture (For this week!)
Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness . I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

This week I've learned from observation and personal experience that weaknesses are a gift from Heavenly Father, just like our strengths. Without weaknesses... where can we progress? Little by little we move forward, hoping on, Loving all men, and moving forward with faith until we have a new strength.

Got to love the mission aye? I reckon it's true.

So, our investigator named Dan Han might be moving!!! We were so sad because he has become one of our good mates, and he is an incredibly loving and genuine guy. He is even teaching my companion to play the harmonia....

^ It's entertaining to listen to him practice but I can tell it'll get real old... REAL fast.

Life is good. I love Tassie. The sunshine is beautiful and all is well...

Oh... and a SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER GABE!!!!! Her Birthday is coming up so everyone should spoil her rotten!!! It may be difficult because she already is rotten but.... naw Jokes. LOVE:)

ON a side note, our Ward Missionary named Jayme Wheeler got his mission call last night. He waited for almost 2 weeks before he opened it. His mum hid it under his pillow just so she wouldn't tear it open herself. I've never seen a mother more giddy in her life!

So.... where is he going you ask???



but.... JAPAN!!!!! The Fukuoka mission (or something close to that spelling) and he leaves in 3 months time exactly (from tomorrow). I've never been so excited in my life for a mission call, it was as if I was opening mine again!!

The work is moving forward. All is well here.

Here is a bird that is native here in Tassie called a Kookaburra

I Love you all heaps!

Until next week... Turoo

-Elder Sargeant

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