Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tornadoes in Tassie?!?!!?!?!?!?!? (Sept 15th)

G'day mates!!

Yeah..... there aren't any tornados I just felt like being cheeky! (Uhh... how to explain cheeky... I'd say "silly" is the best way to explain it!)

Anyway, I've come to really love the mission. Growth is often someone that a lot of people want in their lives. For those that work out heaps, results are often the biggest thing expected. We want big muscles, faster sprints, and harder biceps and abs FAST.

It's the same in the gospel. We want a bigger testimony, more humility and patience, and heaps of blessings and experiences.

Well... what do they both have in common?? NO PAIN NO GAIN!

I've come to realize that trials and weaknesses are one of the best blessings that Heavenly Father gives us. They truly give us the opportunity to grow. Yeah, there are times of pain and stuggles sprinkled with thoughts of doubt and discouragement, but after you push through what do you feel? You feel stronger. You feel more adequate. And most importantly, you learn to love it.

Last night we had the privilege of having tea with our Stake President. His name is President Prebble and he is an awesome man. He's funny, loving, and yet always focused on the gospel. He's someone I truly look up to aye. Anyway, we were in the middle of eating heaps of roasted lamb, veggies, corn on the cob, and a hot jacket (baked potatoe) when I asked how he would answer a question I am often asked heaps.

Recently I've been asked this "nightmare" question. "If God exists, why do bad things happen t good people?"
There are so many different ways to answer that question. I often feel a bit fluttered because it's a question we all often ask I'm sure, and it's one that I am still trying to more fully figure out myself. President Prebble thought for a moment when I asked his opinion and simply said these profound words.

He said (and I'm paraphrasing of course) " Without the bad things, how could be offer our love and service to others? If everything was easy going we'd have no need to look to others to comfort them, mourn with them, and more importantly grow ourselves. Becoming like the Saviour is impossible without an opportunity to serve and show our love for others."

To me, that was profound. It gives all the answers in two simple ways. Love & Service.

My focus for this last transfer has been to really learn to love the people, and I know more now than ever that Love is everything. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's entire purpose is for us as imperfect and unworthy people. They want nothing more than for us to return to them with the rest of our brothers and sisters and families to become like them. They've provided the way  in and through Jesus Christ, and it's all because of one word. LOVE.

My challenge for each of you this week: GO OUT AND SHOW SOME LOVE TO SOMEONE!!!! Whether it be to make someone a card, give a phone call, a hug, a smile, or serve someone just go out and do it. I promise you that your day will be more fulfilling and that God will pour out his Spirit and blessings upon you. Your heart will soften, you're day will be more meaningful, and I think more importantly is that you'll help someone else out. Everyone deserves love, especially those that often feel alone and left out.

I'll share an example of how I've seen this happen. We have a Zone Leader named Elder Wood. He is from Sydney Australia and he is THE MAN! I reckon he is the best Wake boarder in Aussie, no lie. He gave it up to go on a mission and never looked back. Now, he's focused and such a solid as missionary. We had zone conference a couple weeks ago and you could tell he was having a hard time.

I had this distinct impression that he felt left out. He is relatively new to our zone and I think he felt as if he didn't fit in. I felt horrible, and simply put my arm around him and said he was the man, that he's an awesome missionary, and that we're here for him in everything he does.

I felt so good after doing that, and I knew that for that moment he felt better as well.

Turns out he was having a really hard time, and though he didn't say anything to me, I know that I was prompted to say those things for a reason. It just feels good to love someone. It feels right to help others when they are down, and I think the best part is that you forget yourself when you love others. Loving one another is what Christ would have us do.The reason why it feels good to help others, be kind and serve selflessly is because it's what causes us to change. It enables the atonement to help us become more holy and simply better.

I Love serving. I love helping others, and YOU can too! It starts with a desire, a simple prayer for an opportunity to serve/ help/ love someone, and then going out and looking for those opportunities. I PROMISE you they will come, and the spirit will guide you to them.


We met a Sudanese guy named Steve in the park with his wife Harriot. We got their number and they told us to call them to come over on Saturday to visit with them. We tried calling them later and the number didn't work! We were so sad because they seemed so keen. So this morning Elder Hosman was calling the Zone Leaders and the first thing they said was "Hey, we have a referral for you" Turns out... the referral was for HARRIOT!! STEVE'S WIFE!! They are teaching her mum and friends in another area in Tassie. We were so excited because we got her number and now we can contact them!

Also, a partmember family we had to drop a while ago called the other day and asked for more lessons from us. WE WERE PUMPED!!! Or at least I was haha.

Miracles. Gotta love em.

That's all for this week though.

Catch ya


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