Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 1st

[From Gabe, Elder Sargeant's sister: Our mom asked him for a breakdown of his day so here it goes...]

Well here goes my day to day life.

6am- Wake up, pray, and lift weights until 6:30
6:30am- do sprints up the hill outside our flat. It's pretty steep so I get a decent work aye
7:00am - eat two bowls of cereal and down a couple bottles of water
7:15- Take a shower!!/ get ready
8:00- Personal study. I Love reading my scriptures
9:00- Companionship study--- we do lesson plans for our appointments and then make sure all hours are filled up.
10:00- Out and about.

We only have about 2200K's to use in our car each month and they go quickly sometimes. We went over this past month because of some out of the way things as well as just bad budgetting. We are learning quickly though!

So, we spent the last week WALKING! It was good and beautiful. To explain to you how much we walked, we walked... literally between 4-5 hours a day. Most of our appointments were in a town called Mowbray. It's a town that basically has all the humble foreign people that actually want to talk to us (at least in higher percentage). It's about an hour walk there and an hour back to our flat, if we are on a good pace!

Basically, we go all over our area teaching people, or spending time just getting to know them. African people, I've learned, need heaps of BRT or building a relationship of trust before you can really start teaching them. We often answer questions they ask, but we can't push or they just drop us like a rock. It's so different than what I learned in Salt Lake, but It's making me understand why I'm out here.

A lot of time we spend doing service for people as well. I love it, or am learning to love it. Each opportunity is a time to bless someone else as well as work on magnifying my Priesthood. I've learned that pride is an issue I struggle with and I want so dearly to work on it. I've been praying earnestly for strength to just be positive all the time... and it WORKS!

I've had a lot of things I've wanted to work on, and I've had almost all my prayers answered. It's amazing to me how being specific in prayers is really all it takes as well as fatih, work, and patience. I know now more than ever before that Heavenly Father is there, that He loves me, and He knows my desires and my heart. All I have to do is work!

So every day we have tea appointments with the ward members. The members here are amazing. They honestly take such good care of us that I'm scared to see what happens in different areas if I leave anytime soon. We also have these little "retro" skateboards that we use to get places! They help out heaps for exercise and provide people an interesting gateway to talk to us when they see two missionaries on blue and red mini skateboards. It's awesome.

9pm- We arrive home, the plan for the next day
9:30-10:15pm- I usually either write in my journal, write a letter, or read my scriptures.
10:15pm- Brush my teeth, wash my face, floss, and say my prayers!
10:30pm BED TIME!!!!!

That's usually how the day goes! I eat cereal most days for breakfast and lunch, and sometimes a PB&J sandwich for lunch as well.

Hopefully that saftisfied your curiosity! :)

-With love,

Elder Sargeant

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