Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Rains Came Down and The Floods Came Up... (Aug 18th)


Well, this past week has been amazing. As you all know transfers happened last Wednesday and I am staying here with Elder Hosman for ANOTHER transfer... that's THREE TRANSFERS!!! Gosh does time fly by when you're doing the Lord's work.

Since that was the case, we had a new GOLDEN Elder (Aka an elder fresh out of the MTC) fly down on Thursday. Elder Clark, the missionary who lives in Burnie, which is about a two hour drive north west from Launceston, had to stay with us for the week. He added a third witness to our efforts as we went out doing our labors. We taught an investigator we have named Dan Han. He is from China and we sat down with him on Tuesday and talked about God, Jesus Christ, and why Christ came down to earth.

Since we are all still fairly young in our missions (4 months for Elder Clark and me, and 8 months for Elder Hosman) we are stilling learning how to teach more effectively and clearly. Dan doesn't have much of a religious background for obvious reasons so teaching him the simple truths about Jesus Christ is very new to me. We, however, were able to teach him about Jesus Christ and he accepted our invitation to be baptized! WOOHOO!!!!

The amazing miracle that happened was (other than his desire to be baptized) that he told us that Christians have heaps of "rules" that he doesn't always want to follow. He says he likes most of them but he also likes to be able to go out and drink alcohol with his friends on occasion. That left a perfect opportunity to talk to him about why God gives us commandments, and how they aren't to restrict us but really to HELP MAKE AND KEEP US HAPPY.
I want to stress this fact. You hear time and time again about all the commandments of God. Of course there are the standard Ten Commandments that are mentioned in the Bible and by Abindi in the Book of Mormon, but because of the restoration we have so many more promises from God and commandments to follow to keep us safe! BE OBEDIENT. It brings blessings.

(If you haven't noticed... I talk about obedience heaps. That's because blessings are given ONLY upon obedience to the commandment associated with the blessing. Simple enough aye?)

Anyway, this week has been amazing. We've had miracles, answers to prayers, and a continued assurance that we are striving to move the work forward. We have two supportive and loving wards that truly help and sustain us as their missionaries and have a desire to be involved. There was an awesome experience that happened, actually, a few weeks ago that just shows how we all are truly God's children and how EVERYONE is preparing to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My companion and I were teaching a short lesson after a tea appointment to one of my favorite families. They are the Wheeler family! We gathered around in their living room and taught about being easily guided and how when we are easily guided God can bless us more because we are more able to recognize God in our lives.

After, we asked if anyone thought of a name of a person that could benefit from hearing about the Message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Emily, the middle child of the family, had her boyfriend over for tea and he sat in on the lesson. He is not a member of the church, but when we asked him he sat there for a second and just stared at the ground. Then, after a little moment of silence he looked up at us and said "My auntie really could use this in her life."

We were amazed... that he was able to think of someone that HE, a non member, knew could use the unique and priceless message we have to share.

It works. We are all able and capable of furthering the work. So... I would like to invite all of you to help further the work this week by....

HELPING SOMEONE ELSE OUT!  If they are struggling with yard work, help em. If they are sad, give them a smile and a hug. If they just need someone to talk to, talk to them.

This work is much more than sitting down and shoving the Book of Mormon down someone's throat. It's not that at all. It's getting to know the people. Taking time to truly act as Christ did during His earthly ministry, and being an example of the believers. When we take the time to express sincere love to those around us, I promise promise promise that you will see the work go forward, according to God's time table.

Well, that's about it. This week should be awesome! Love you all and Miss you all heaps!

With Love,
Elder Sargeant

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