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Faith is the Key (July 28)

Gi'day Mates!

This week has been SO fulfilling, and the blessings from Heavenly Father continue to come down. Our Zone, as missionaries, SMASHED IT this week! We had so many miracles take place, with 6 people on date to be baptized, and many referrals from members as well as new investigators.

As for us, since my companion is the district leader, we decided together that WE need to set the bar for the expectations of the district. We stepped it up, and faith was the key to our success. We were able to have so many blessings come through our efforts, especially through the members. We have amazing Assistants to the President (APs), and Zone Leaders who continue to share their knowledge and insights with us. For this third quarter of the year, our slogan is "Members are the Key: 163" with 163 being the number of baptisms we want to reach as a mission. We were instructed to increase our faith, have more sense of urgency, and that will lead to be more skilled as teachers and as representatives of Jesus Christ. Our work could always be better.

To start out, this week, we were able to have a relaxing preparation day (p-day), the first I have honestly had since coming to Tassie. Tuesday we had the zone leaders come down to stay with us for the night as we all headed to district meeting. It was a powerful experience, and I have come to realize that wherever there are heaps of missionaries gathered, there is such a strong sense of peace, happiness, and joy. The Spirit was so strong as we gathered and learned from one another. It's so true when it says in the Bible "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20). That has never been more apparent as when we met the Mission President, and when we were at this meeting together.


The APs (Assistants to the President) are brilliant elders. They are well trained, focused, and loving. They can have fun while fulfilling their purpose as missionaries, which is so refreshing to see! We were able to go on exchanges and I learned HEAPS from them. We were able to start our 30 minute program for teaching, and we received so many member referrals that I hardly could keep track of them. It's amazing, how members really are the key for spreading the work of the Lord, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Let me just share with you that as missionaries, a lot of people have this understanding that we are seemingly endless in our knowledge and our capacities. This is true ONLY when we allow the Spirit to do the teaching. However, as people we are very much imperfect and I have to tell you... that pride is something that is so hard to overcome. The Book of Mormon almost always mentions pride as the downfall of any nation, or society. Ultimately, it was one of the causes of the afflictions of the Lamanites, and the destruction of the Nephites. Pride is EVIL, and being on a mission amplifies how truly hard it is to be humble. However, when we allow ourselves to just love one another, and trust each other, we can see that things work out.


We were able to see so many blessings this week. As we provided service for an older couple named the Clarks, we were able to meet a good friend of Sister Clarks's. Her name is Trudie, and she is interested in the Church. We met her, got to know her pretty well, and are now working on getting over to her home to start teaching her and her 8 year old son. They are prepared for the Gospel! It's amazing how the Lord puts so many people in our lives that are honestly searching for the gospel, but just are unsure where to always find it. Well duh... look at your Mormon friends! They KNOW!!!!

Next, we decided when some plans fell through to go visit a lady named Monica Milano that we tracted into a fortnight ago. (Two weeks = fortnight). We knocked on her door, and she opened seemingly surprised! She started out by saying that she was very busy and wouldn't be able to have us come over at the moment, but my companion and I had the feeling to just ask about her day, her interests, and her family. We talked and talked for about 15 to 20 minutes and she opened up to us her real concerns! She was so humble in her speaking, and since she is from Mexico her English isn't perfect, but she just let us know that she wants us to come back. She expressed to us how she never grew up with a spiritual family as most people from Mexico do, especially in Tia Juana, and how she was thinking about the idea of God maybe being real. She invited us over to teach her for this Thursday and I was SO dang pumped!! THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR PREPARING HER HEART!!!!!

We also were able to teach an Indian man named Sabu Joseph who lives... well... RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO US! He and his wife just moved into the flat next door about a fortnight ago and we introduced ourselves in hopes to be able to get to know them. Sabu walked into us while we were on our way back from the library and we set up an appointment to teach him in his home. Yesterday, we had that opportunity right after church. We came in and sat down in his humble abode that had 2 recliner chairs, a leather couch, and a coffee table against the wall. He is out of a job and his wife is working night shifts so they are on a very tight budget. However, he offered us heaps of food, little sponge cakes, guava juice, and he even went as far as opening up our packages of cakes for us. He is the most Christ-like man I have ever had the chance of meeting. He was all about serving us, and it was a real eye opener to me. We taught him, got to know him, and committed him to be baptized. He said he would pray about it, and read the Book of Mormon. It didn't turn out in a baptismal date right then and there, but a man of that faith is no doubt going to find an answer to his prayers.

I cannot begin to express the love and appreciation I have for the Lord and His blessings. They come in EVERY moment I stand in need. As long as we strive to keep the commandments and do all we can, we are promised blessings, and it's so apparent as Elder Hosman and I work hard to build and exercise our faith in Christ.

A shout out to Mina Edwards who emailed me earlier this week. MINA.... YOU MADE MY DAY. Never has any been able to make me smile as much as your kindness and honesty did to me. You're going to SMASH IT in Ukraine for your mission and I wish you the happiness and joy that I KNOW you will have, and that you will bring to those you find, teach, and baptize.

That is all I can think of. Things are going very well as the transfer comes to an end in a fortnight. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. It's been 4 months since I have been a missionary and the time just keeps going faster. It makes me think how precious our time here on earth really is. Cherish every moment because those moments make your life worth it.

I Love you All Heaps!!!

Keep the Faith.

With Love,
Elder Sargeant

Elder Sargeant, Cassie, Anthony (new convert), Elder Hosman

The Gorge in Riverside Tasmania

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