Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tempest Tossed (Aug 4)


This week has been a bit of a struggle for proselyting efforts. I hate to make excuses, however we were used a abused by the Senior Couple from Deloraine, Tasmania in the moving of old furniture to our new flat in different area. We also, had our flat flooded! I was downstairs making eggs for brekkie (as they call it down here) and my companion came running down stairs asking if the flat was burning down. I was a bit shocked and told him no! He went back upstairs to find that the washing machine motor had been fried basically and that it had overflowed and started to flood our bathroom floor and go into the kitchen downstairs. The lights shorted out, the washing machine broke, and we had a lot of cleaning to do. Needless to say, it was a misfortune event that caused a lot of work to be done. However it is DONE and now we can get to work!!

We had the opportunity to teach a lady named Monica this week from Mexico! Her life has been insane... She and her husband lived in Tia Juana Mexico and they literally had to run for their lives from people that were being ransomed off by them. They are both plastic surgeons and they were being threatened. They came here to Australia to get away with nothing but a baby in here arms, the clothes on their backs, and a baby on the way.

Anyway, it was an amazing lesson learning about why she wants to believe in God, and how she hopes that there is a God. We testified of the truth of a loving Heavenly Father, and she invited us back! She is going to read the Book of Mormon to help her come closer to God and also to help her English. She also promised to teach us Spanish since we are teaching her English! Look out mum, I'm going to come home with a new language learned eh! It'll be sweet as. I reckon not many people in Aussie learn Spanish because not many Hispanic people come here! It's mainly Asian, Sudanese, Islanders, and that sort.

Anyway, I wish to quote Elder Gish, my brother Sam, who is serving in Taiwan.

He Said "My mom (that amazing angel!) sent me a letter recently that touched on
the importance of obedience. Let me tell you future missionaries,
young missionaries, about to go home missionaries...even return
missionaries...obedience is key and is SO important! I can honestly
say that when I am obedient I am happy, when I am not obedient I am really is just that simple..would you rather be happy or sad.
:) Be obedient and remember to shine bright! :)"

I want to also reiterate what he said. OBEDIENCE TO LAW IS LIBERTY! Or.... obedience is freedom. Just be obedient and all will work out. When it's hard, just be more obedient. That's when the happiness comes.

This is a bit short and I apologize for that. Next week will be better!!

Love you all!!!

And Mum... I especially love you. You're such an amazing woman and I hope you know that.

-Commitment---- I wish to also invite everyone who reads this to try out being more obedient. When the times get rough remember the council of your parents, teachers, and leaders. They are put in their positions for a reason and I promise you their advice, direction, and council is often inspired for OUR benefit.

-Elder Sargeant

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