Saturday, August 17, 2013

TRANSFERS!!?!?!?!?!?!? (Aug 11)

G'day all,

Well that time has arrived... Will I stay? Will I go?! WHO KNOWS?!?!

Well, we received our answer on Friday night and....



I would not want to leave this place at all. The members here are amazing. The work is progressing slowly but surely, and there is still much to learn as a missionary here. I have the same companion which is a blessing! I know that we can learn heaps from each other this transfer and grow together in our capacities as teachers and representatives of Jesus Christ and His work.

This week has been filled with heaps and heaps of rain. August is the month that is the most dreary here. Since it's the middle of Winter and there is no snow, we simply get HEAPS of howling wind at night time and cold rain mixed with arctic sea breeze. That, let me tell you, chills you to the bone.

However, despite the elements we have been so blessed. The week started out a bit slow. We were able to teach a few more lessons to some invesigators that we have recently found. There are 3 Chinese guys we are teaching named.....

Dan Han
Danny (something crazy)
and ... Victor.

They all don't really have solid backgrounds in Christ or religion because they are from China. It's such a wonderful experience learning how to teach someone in a simple manner. They are all so attentive to our discussions, and I pray that we will be able to bring them closer to Jesus Christ as we strive to allow the Spirit to tesitfy to them through us.

Also, we have been blessed with amazing memebers who want NOTHING MORE THAN TO HELP!
So, story time.

We teach these lessons called 30-minute programs, where we promise that the name of a person they know will come to their mind as we share out message with them. That promise is so true, and being able to say it is so humbling and inspiring at the power that the Spirit has. We taught 7 of these lessons and received 14 Member Referrals!! The Best part is they all committed to getting them more involved in the gospel, activities, and inviting them for tea and Church! Members are the key in this work.... Never forget how important you are. I recently heard a talk from the October General conference that mentioned if we just act like honey bees and do OUR  little part, that the entire honey comb becomes beautiful and full.

That is exactly what Heavenly Father Needs YOU all to do! Get involved and plant those seeds. Drink a bottle of BOLD SAUCE and invite your friends to dinner (tea) or activities at church. I promise you that you'll find no greater happiness than performing what our loving Heavenly Father wants and directs us to do. He wants us all to shine our lights and not hide it under a bushel.

This week was also inspiring in that we were able to take a day to go down to the East Coast of Tassie!

(On a side note.. EAST COASTS ARE THE BEST, but nothing beats the NEW HAMPSHIRE EAST COAST!)

We traveled about 3 hours east towards two towns called St Marys and St. Helens. St. Marys enstilled a dream in our minds of starting a branch there. The people waved at us, talked to us, and even gave us free food....and they had never even SEEN missionaries before! They are all so prepared for the spiritual nourishment that we all NEED so dearly in our lives. I'll send some photos NOw.

I have 5 minutes left so I must cut this email short.

The work is true. Never forget that. I pray for you all every day and I'm so grateful for an opportunity to get to have so many people in my life to allow me to grow, and feel the love that our Heavenly Father wants us to feel. You all make such a big difference in my life. Thank you!

With Love

Elder Sargeant

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