Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New-Found Love (July 21)

G'day mates!
Tis a glorious day to be alive wouldn't you say? I sure do. Some days I don't think so but why should be so negative? It gets us no where.

Zone Meeting
Saturday was a remarkable day. We were able to sit at the feet of some truly inspired Assistants to the President for training as well as meet our new Mission President and his wife. We learned about some ways that we can use the members more effectively and efficiently in our efforts to bring people closer to Christ. We were introduced to a new program called the "30 Minute program" in which we as Missionaries teach lessons from Preach My Gospel to Members, Less-actives, Recent converts, etc. for 30 minutes. We are essentially allowing the Spirit to help them understand how to teach people they know better about the simple truths of the gospel, as well as a promise. That promise is that when we share our message that a name of someone that needs the gospel in their lives will come to the minds of those we are sharing with. We then teach, ask questions, and hopefully help people come closer to Christ themselves. At the end we ask the head of the household to bear testimony of the Church as they know it, and then ask if names come to mind. I have not been apart of the missionaries to try this out YET, but being apart of it for a role play at the Zone Meeting was enough for me to have a testimony of its power. It's amazing being able to promise blessings to people as we are so inspired to do. We have the opportunity to tell people what Heavenly Father wants for them, but only if we allow the spirit to let us know, and by inviting that spirit into our lives.

Meeting the Mission Pres.
We then met with our beloved president, President Maxwell and Sister Maxwell. They are the most humble and loving people I have met. Their countenance radiated with the Spirit as we each met. The interviews were just a get-to-know-you sort of thing. We talked about our lives growing up, why we wanted to serve missions, our health, our concerns, hobbies, likes, dislikes, everything under the sun! They REALLY wanted to get to know us and I suppose there is a profound lesson in that. Forcing things never works. We must be genuine in our efforts to bring love to others. As a representative of Jesus Christ we often overlook that our message, yes, is like  a $100 BILLION dollar bill (and even more so), but that it must be delivered in Love. Then blessings and issues and concerns are resolved and distributed to and from our Heavenly Father.

After meeting with them, Elder Hosman and I were giving a truly remarkable opportunity. The Senior Couple from Deloraine, (The Town/City/Area south of Launceston) were to take us home because the APs borrowed our vehicle for the week in Tassie. We were invited to have dinner with the other senior couple in Hobart, which is the town next to where we met for our meeting (Hobart is the main town in Tasmania that everyone wants to go to. I believe it was the first established town in Tasmania as well. Also, it's about 2-3 hours away from our flat in Launie). When we arrived, we were delighted to find out that the Mission President was there as well to have tea! Elder Hosman and I sat with them at our table and enjoyed casual conversation with them. President Maxwell is a native to Utah who is basically one of the CEO's of the Deseret Publishing Company, and his wife used to sing/play piano in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Turns out, we have some very talented people as our leaders. They, however, were so humble in their approach to answering our questions. They're a true example of what the Savior would be like I imagine.

We then made our way home with the senior couple from Deloraine named Elder and Sister Fillmore, who have taken to us as their Elderlings ( Missionary Kids).

---A New-found love.
Basically, the spirit of the missionaries, training, and the love of our new mission president left a print in my heart. It filled with a love for them as well as for the members of our ward so much that I honestly have never felt it before. I was SO excited, and am still SO EXCITED to get the members more involved and see the blessings that come from their efforts along side ours.

It's been a wonderful weekend filled with hope and aspirations for the future. Should be a good couple of weeks.

Shout out to my Boy ELDER GISH IN TAIWAN!!!!! I read about your experience with Fasting man... good on ya mate!!!! The Lord is ALWAYS on our side when we are willing to sacrifice a little bit.

I love you all and I think of you often. You are all often in my prayers and in my thoughts.

Some photos are attached of our Zone in Tassie with the Mission President standing in the middle with the glasses (WAY BACK) and his wife in the red on the couch with the scarf on.

-Elder Sargeant

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