Sunday, July 14, 2013

Freezing in Tassie (July 8th)

G'day me mates!

This past week has been frosty in Tassie. At church, the heaters broke so the numbers we had in attendance were quite few in comparison to the normal turn out, but I reckon some people will take every opportunity and make any excuse to sometimes just take a day off. We were provided with blankets from the members and knitted bean bags that were heated up in the microwave to warm our frozen fingers. Our ward loves us. It's amazing to have the blessing of a loving and supportive Ward Family. Since it was fast and testimony meeting, we were warmed in the soul by the wonderful and powerful testimonies of the members. I love fast and testimony meetings here. Every one is short, sweet, to the point, and extremely powerful. The cold was not as tough to handle when your heart was warmed by the blanket of the Spirit.

The task of staying close to the Spirit is something that has been my focus this week. Keeping the companionship of the Spirit is incredibly vital in our work, and more importantly in our lives. Being a missionary is impossible without the Spirit. Thankfully, we don't have to worry about whether or not the Spirit is truly with us as long as we do what Elder Bednar says: "Quit worrying about it. Be a good boy, be a good girl, keep the covenants you have made, and keep the commandments of the Lord, then shall you always have the Spirit with you." - MTC address I heard during my time there.

Since the interesting occurrence of the emergency transfer of the West Elders, I have seen a large change in the work here. There is more of it, and it is forcing us to focus on becoming better and more efficient missionaries. That is EXACTLY what we needed! My companion, Elder Hosman, and I are truly seeing that we have a work to do here and that the members will be the key to our success. Since we were able to listen to the wonderful Missionary/ Leadership Training broadcast, it seems that full-time missionaries are just a small portion to the potential of harvesting the white field. We all have SO much influence in the lives of those that we come in contact with. A simple invitation, smile, or hug can be the means of bringing someone closer to Christ. Even if they don't get baptized straightway, she'll be right (it'll be alright). The seed has been planted, as if they see the Light of Christ from you and your efforts than you have been successful in your efforts of following the example of Jesus Christ. Love is the means in which we HAVE to work. We cannot expect lives to change if we do not sincerely care for and help those we are trying to bring to Christ.

I have seen how love has changed my entire prospective on the work we have. You cannot go and help serve someone without a genuine desire and love for them. If you do, you miss out on SO many blessings that Heavenly Father is waiting to shower up you, this I do know.

We have heaps of people we will be talking to in the next few days, so I'll be sure to fill you all in on the happenings as they come in more abundance and detail.

I will however tell you that yesterday we were able to go to this place called "Tasmazia." It's the largest Maze of Bushes/hedges in the Southern Hemisphere! IT WAS COOL AS! There were about 7-8 different mazes to go through. It was a bit chilly since the bushes were probably 3-4 meters tall (So 9-12 feet tall) in some areas, and blocked out most of the sunshine. It was fun being able to go there however. The drive to the area where the maze was located was so beautiful. We have been placed in a fairly civilized area, but out there it was nothing but rolling hills, fields, and heaps of bush and trees. There were endless amounts of farms with cows lining up for close to Kilometer to just get milked. That was awesome being able to see the humble living of those in Tassie.

That's all for this week. Thank you all for your letters, ESPECIALLY FOR SISTER WILSON! I have said it before, but you are never late for a letter or postcard and it is truly a blessing to me to know that I will never be without a letter from the Postman.

1) MY BROTHER CHASE!!! First of all congrats on graduating high school man! The chinstrap looks sweet mate.
4) MY BROTHER HEATH. Just freakin love you man.
5) THE GISH FAMILY!!!! I think of you often, and I hope you all are happy and enjoying your summer. TELL GAGEROO I MISS THAT LITTLE GUY! I Hear there are some letters awaiting me from you so I'll be anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Well, that's about it!

Catches ya's all next week!

With Love,
Elder Sargeant

PS- I have started driving... on the left side of the road. It's seriously one of the strangest feelings I have ever had but really an adventure!!!

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