Wednesday, April 2, 2014

11 minutes (March 30)

G'day all!

I have 11 minutes left. Forgive me for my lack of timing skills as I am a man. In the words of Paul, rephrased for this time. "As in Adam man is made late, in Christ will all that be made up at the judgement bar."

Hopefully all those times I take for granted the time I can be forgiven! 

Anyway, this week was AH MA AAAAZING!!!!!!!! Not going to lie each day has been incredible. To start out with, being a district leader comes with many interesting responsibilities. One of those being that we are to go on exchanges with the other missionaries and help them grow and learn together. This is always my favourite opportunity because you learn HEAPS from other missionaries! You also have fun as well.

So, this week we went out with each companionship so we had about 3 days to do actual work in our area. However... with diligence, faith, and the grace of Heavenly Father we were able to reach EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR GOALS!!!!!! We even went beyond some! What a miracle. We were able to see Heavenly Father's hand just bless us. You want to know why??Because He loves His children, and that means you!

Miracle two! Today, I got a breathalyzer test... and I PASSED!!! Wooh, I was stressing it. ;) Cops here randomly do it at times so it was my first time. 

Miracle three: We were tracting on a street near a potential investigator and we were invited in by a 14 year old boy named James. He had some questions regarding his relationship with God, which church to go to, and wanting to be "nice to everyone." Sound a bit similar to anyone we know?? *COUGH JOSEPH SMITH!* 

We taught him the restoration of the gospel, invited him to be baptised, and the next day his dad dropped him off at work.What a cool chinese kid. MIRACLES!!!!!!!

Miracle four:

We got a referral from the sisters in our area. Sisters lemme say, are LEGIT. They are MIRACLE MACHINES!!! Anyway, I digress.. but we met with this man named Mehdi who was incredible. He wanted to learn about Jesus Christ, and we felt impressed to talk to him about the Plan of Salvation. What a powerful lesson. The spirit was SO strong. We invited him to be baptised on the 3rd of May and he accepted. What a wonderful opportunity. He said with tears in his eyes "I know that what you are telling me.... it is right."

He is from Persia so he's the MAN! His english is amazing as well.

I just love Heavenly Father and His blessings. I have no idea why we were given them, other than that we just worked hard, were obedient, and prayed for miracles.

On a funny note... at every supermarket this week we've been mistake for workers and were asked to lead people to certain foods... 

LOVE YOU ALL 50 seconds left!!


-Elder Sargeant

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